Sam Allardyce said Rooney will be our captain

It was like yesterday when we saw young 17 years old Wayne Rooney’s debut game for England against Australia. After that he became the youngest player ever to score in England national team (17y, 317d).

But now his international career is under pressure. He is 31 and many of critics want his retirement of English squad. Legendary striker Alan Shearer advices Rooney leave the team: «You are not so young and need to leave national team, if you want to be in deal with Manchester United. They have fantastically strong footballers and you won’t be able to play in two fronts like years ago. If you leave England no one will ask the question why. You gave all you had for this country and fans must be proud of you». We need to agree with Shearer.

Is it right time to leave the national squad after that shameful performance in Euro 2016?

One of the most interesting parts of Rooney’s career was that he has been always criticized by many foolish critics and managers and English forward has always proved his high class after these statements. English captain was criticized during and after Euro 2016 as well. But even the man who doesn’t understand anything in football can say that «Wazza» was playing not so bad football in France. He is not robot. He couldn’t attack and help defenders too all game long. But he is real captain. Rooney always played from heart every game for Manchester United and national team. His best quality was the unselfish playing. He wearing with proud England team’s jersey and playing not for his name. He always thought about the emblem in the chest and all of team.

New England’s manager Sam Allardyce said Rooney remains our captain

Many can say his time in England is over, but they can’t give the name of new leader and captain. In nowadays football we just can’t find the nominal forward who is doing the black work on the field so much as Wayne Rooney. Legendary Sir Alex Ferguson said many times that he saw something the same in Rooney’s gameplay with great Paul Scholes. «His ability to long passes is incredible for the striker» – said Ferguson.

Anyway we need to remember who is the best ever goal scorer for England. His name is Wayne Rooney.