Privacy Policy

On we are obligied to guarantee the data security and confedentiality. On this page - Privacy Policy and Use of Cookies (hereinafter - the "Policy") - we state the order how the information on the site is processed, information which users get on our site and which we receive from the visitors.

When the visitor uses interactive resources of the website we receive information about him. Playing free games or making use from any other sites informative parts the visitor must follow Terms of Use accepted on These rules and standards are also applicable to software products and services provided by third party applications.

All gaming capabilities and websites access rules are referred as Services hereinafter.

Before to use the site and its services the visitor should study Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you enter our website and make any kind of activity it is automatically means you have accepted all terms and rules. You also express your agreement about information processing in collection in case it is done due to the Policy paragraphs.

About Us is a website that provides gambling related content for informative purposes and present collection of casino games free demo versions. Nobody is forced to visit the site, the site`s use doesn`t require registration or following any instructive proposals.

All users` personal data and information is processed only in accordance with this Privacy Policy and related law. We always adhere to the rights of privacy.

Information about users we can access

Being a user of our website you give us an access to following information: e-mail address, telephone number, social networks or services you use for playing, the country of residence.

We can also keep track of the following data:

We watch how site`s services are used by visitors: during what time periods the user is active, what applications are used to enter the site, what information strictly related to user was recorded or streamed. We can accumulate data about the activities and clicked on the mouse in process of gaining our Services, and to remember the browsing history.

Statistics about activity on the website as well as files registration are processed too. We also collect information about devices and their softwares you use to visit the site, IP addresses and browser information are tracked.

For receiving and processing data tracking we use cookies that are set on the user's system. If you are agree to use cookies you authorize us to keep track of all the materials stated in the Privacy document:

  • Info published on the site
  • The information related to "game chatting."
  • Information that is given when you send requests for permission to obtain information or assistance.
  • Data on the user account that you collect while participating in competitions, lotteries, tournaments, promotions.

Information, which we do not collect

  • We do not collect any financial information.
  • We also do not collect any personal data about users or third parties. This applies first and last name, a copy of proof. The user must remember not to share such information on websites. All this kind of data will be immediately removed.


To collect data for tracking user identification the website uses cookies and similar technologies. They allow to create access to our resources and use of the Services.

Cookies - a file that contains special items and characters placed on your computer or device when you visit our site. It is possible to reject the use of cookies. The visitors mostly agree to use cookies to allow us to place Internet browser settings from time to time. If you refuse of them, we store only one permanent "standard" cookie, which tells us that you do not want to use any other cookies.

If you refuse from cookies, the site`s server can change the settings of your web browser to control them and if necessary - to liquidate.

How collected information is used

The data we gather with cookies is used for:

  • Services analyzing. We have a right to collect and process data for the user account.
  • All tracking data and information materials will be used to provide you with services due to applicable legislation laws.
  • Additional marketing and promotional materials.

In accordance with these points, we can use the data to inform about our products. We may use tracking data to monitor and improve the quality of our work and rules of use.

We can create a "personal profile" in order to monitor and improve the quality of our services.

Transferring your data to others

We never spread the data to other persons, unless that legislation states such a need or to prevent crime.

We can provide anonymous information that does not reveal the identity of site`s visitor or our advertisers. They may also collect this kind of information and use it to improve the quality of work.

We will not process data of children visiting our website as it is in opposition to the principles of our site.

We will take all necessary measures to prevent the loss, misuse or falsification of data.