Online Casino SignUp Bonuses - 2017

Apart from land-based gambling halls, online casinos are used to stimulate their players with different kinds of promotional offers. In this GamesMoney article we are going to talk about casino Sign Up/Welcome bonuses.

Casino welcome bonuses have always attracted new gamers, making them credit money to personal accounts in order to claim the desired free prize.  However, let´s find out all the details about them.  Can every member ask for a bonus and what requirements do they have to meet?  What important aspects of Bonus Terms and Conditions is it better to get acquainted with before you commit to a specific promotion?  These and other questions will be analysed in the following paragraphs, stay with us and feel free to submit your questions or ideas in the comments section.

Best Casino Welcome Bonuses: Requirements To Be Aware Of

To start with, let´s say that a casino signup bonus is an amount of free credits which is calculated as a percentage of the players´ first deposit.  Typically, most major casinos offer to give you an additional 100% of the amount that you deposit, when you initially sign up using their promotions.

Practically, the procedure is quite simple, for example, if you deposit £200 you will receive another £200 for free, which gives you a total of £400 to gamble with.  However, when it comes to free money there is usually a proviso.  To withdraw your reward, it´s necessary to bet using the bonus amount for a stated number of times, choosing from a limited range of games, or abide by the rules stated to meet Wagering Requirements (WR).

In various gaming clubs WR are variable.  A 30 times bonus stake WR is quite average, although you can also face 40 times bonus stake, or higher.  Some players note that casinos have the tendency to raise WR and to limit the games list that is available to play.  In such cases, it´s advisable to select games with a lower house edge, like Roulette, Video Poker or Blackjack.

It is amazing that while some casino guests are impatiently looking forward to getting the reward, some people refuse to use them.  Frequently at game forums and blogs you can read why people choose not to utilize these “free” bonuses.  For example:

“We don´t want to play video slot games that we actually do not like, for a long period of time before we can take the so called free money.  We don´t understand WR policy that prevents immediate withdrawals”.

But it´s fair to say that such opinions are rare and most people are prepared to accept the WR.

Types And Classifications

In the previous paragraph, we spoke about a sign up, or welcome, promotional offer that can be converted into real money and it belongs to the group of Cashable rewards.  In turn, un-cashable rewards are those that don´t give any cash and cannot be withdrawn.  This category is divided into 2 specific ones:

1.    Frequently, online casinos provide a certain number of free spin bonus rounds or give a basic cashable welcome bonus.  This means that you can play some free bonus rounds on video slot machines but unfortunately this is not always available for every slot game that you like.  The games available with free spin bonus rounds are mentioned in the Terms and Conditions section of the online casino.  Usually these bonuses are offered to both experienced players and those new to gambling.

2.    A Free Play offer is represented by a free credit amount that needs to be used during a specific time frame, as defined by the casino.

Now you have an idea about casino welcome bonus offers, just remember, gambling is for fun and entertainment and with positive thinking luck may be on your side.