Sports Betting Tips, Discussions & Bookmakers is a fantastic resource for all types of online gambling.  On this page, we would like to discuss its other significant and extremely popular form, online sports betting.  Here you can find an analysis of sports betting for Football as well as other sports.

At the heart of sports betting the player faces the same task, to predict the result of a sporting event and receive money when their predictions are correct.  However, what makes sports betting more exciting, is the variety of sports events that the player can predict the outcome of.  Sports betting can be considered as a separate culture and even has its own terminology.

Many casino players ask about the principal difference between gambling on table or slot games and betting on sporting events.  Although the idea is common for both, with sports betting, the outcome can only be estimated, as the winning probabilities are not stated beforehand.  Here the task becomes more complicated as the player needs to thoroughly research each event, and analyse the odds, before making a prediction about the outcome.  When playing online casino games, the “house edge” is always known.

What About Sports Betting Websites?

There is no doubt, that online betting is a good place to start building your sports betting history but people can find it overwhelming, as there is a large choice of online betting sites (they can also be called sportsbooks, bookmakers, bookies).  Choosing a reputable betting provider is essential to ensure the safety of your funds.  On this page, we will provide a list of trusted betting sites that we can confidently recommend to you.

Now, let's find out what types of offers players will get on these sites?  There is a wide variety of sports that are available for you to bet on.  For example, Bet365 casino provides more than 25 types of sports covering all tastes and preferences from sports cultures all around the world:  Football, Rugby, Golf, Tennis, American Football, Surfing, Winter sports and many others.   

Among the websites we recommend, there are some that are only available for US players (See Bovada Casino) and ones that only accept members who live in Latvia and Estonia (like Optibet).  

Most websites can be launched either online or on mobile devices and they generally have convenient multi language interfaces. 

The next time you see an attractive bonus and promotion specifically for sports betting you might think is that worth playing?  Well you never know until you try!