Biarritz Strategy

Biarritz Roulette SystemRoulette is considered as one of the most popular games of chance.  It has lots of admirers all around the world.  To raise winnings and reduce losses, players have been trying to create special strategies.  This review will explain the scheme that is used by lots of successful gamblers, the Makarov system of Biarritz strategy.

The Biarritz Roulette Strategy Essence

This strategy was named after a famous Casino, the Biarritz which is a resort in the South West of France.  It was suggested by a player called Alexander Makarov and is based upon a mathematical method known as “Monte-Carlo”.

This system is classified as a primitive roulette scheme.  It consists of placing bets on the same point time and time again – and that's all!  The sum of money should not be changed either.  For example, you place two pounds on twelve and continue doing this until the ball lands in the pocket of the roulette wheel that gives you a win.  Sounds a little boring, doesn't it?  So this is the best strategy for the most patient and analytical players.

Probable Outcomes

Broadly speaking there are three possible scenarios:

  1. The thirty-seventh spin will be a fortunate one and you'll retrieve all your losses.

  2. You succeed before the thirty-fifth spin.  The sum of money won depends on how soon in the process it happens but the earlier you win the more profit you make.

  3. And the worst, you fail and lose everything.  If this happens, stop and start the game over if you have enough money to play with.

If you don't win during thirty-six spins, on the thirty-seventh, choose another number and place another bet.  If you win, do the same.  

Experienced gamblers carefully watch the previous 111 spins (which is three series of thirty-seven spins) and write down the numbers which appear more than three times.  These numbers are considered to be lucky and many players prefer placing bets on them.  They assume that the ball will land in the pockets of these numbers again.  However, there is also a contradictory point of view, that recommends that you try to evade these “lucky” numbers and place your bets on those which were drawn less than three times, as the probability of these numbers being drawn in the following series of spins is much higher. 

Chance Or Regularity

Be aware that these conclusions are not based on mathematics or on the theory of probability.  Because in 100% of all cases the roulette generates a random outcome.  This outcome is impossible to predict in any way.  So you'll never know if your number will be drawn during your spins.  Makarov's system allows a player to stay in the game for a long period and enjoy it more.  The other unquestionable profit of this scheme is that you won't need too much money to play and there is always a chance to get a handsome profit. It is maintained that those who use this system have a 50% chance of winning, this is a relatively high figure compared to other roulette strategies.

Don't forget that there are many details affecting the course of game.  If you play real live roulette, it very much depends upon the mechanism of the machine itself which can malfunction.  If you play online, then nothing can predict the final result, so you can only hope that you'll manage to hit the jackpot.