Black And Red Roulette System

Presented betting system calls to forget about all calculations and formulas: Black and red roulette strategy is as transparent as possible: place wagers for any color you like the first time and after it follow the rules: change color gaining victory and change color after appearing Zero, but don’t change sequence of wagers.

Cautious players and newbies come to agreement at one point – it is better to stake for outside bets, than inside ones, even though, it does not promise high payouts and impressive winning. However, it guarantees you higher possibility to win. Thus, in this review we have decided to stick to classical stakes and prove that Black and Red roulette odds are more than beneficial for you.

Black & Red Roulette System - If You Bet It For The First Time

There are a number of sysms and strategis for gambling. Some of them are for skilled players, but there are some for freshers. For beginners we can advise to start from small stakes like 1 chip, and after spinning wheel for a while in demo-version, begin wagering bigger amounts.

Stakes for Even’s have payout 1:1, but at the same time, you have more chances to win, because there are just two options – two colors.

Also, there are two ways for placing bets when you win or lose:

  • You placed stake for Red, it lost. You continue staking for Red, but double your previous stake. Keep on this system until you win. When victory is gained – change color.
  • Playing Black and Red roulette method, making the next step you should set wager for Black. It won. Take your money and start betting for Red.

Put Colours On Test!

In theory, everything is simply clear and promising like Fibonacci System, but we cannot dismiss our curiosity. Thus, it is time for test Black and Red roulette strategy. There are the results.

We decided to start with small amounts: 1chip. We offer you to begin with the same amount too, or even smaller. Look at the results gained in course of online roulette black and red strategy implementation and you will realize everything without excessive words.

  • Test№1. Starting stake – 1 chip. We placed it for Black. 1st spin – 1 chip: lost, 19 Red. -1$ 2nd spin – 2 chips: won 26 Black. +2$ Time to change color. Bet for Red: 1st spin – 1chip: won, 27 Red. +1$ Betting for Black: 1st spin – 1 chip: won 28 Black. +1$

We are pretty lucky. Isn’t it? That are the results we got using roulette strategy playing black and red. For second test, we decided to make wagers higher.

  • Test№2. Starting stake – 10 chips. 1st spin – 10 chips: lost, Zero. -10$ At this point we changed for Black, but followed sequence of wagers. 2nd spin – 20 chips: won, 26 Black. +20$ Time to go to Red stake: 1st spin – 10 chips: lost, 10 Black. -10$ 2nd spin – 20 chips: won, 16Red. +20$

But, what if after this winning point we don’t change color for Black, but keep on staking for Red? Let’s try, at least, we have experiment now.

  • Thus, the next round is Red stake again: 1st spin – 10 chips: won, 12Red. +10$ Let’s try Red again: 1st spin – 10 chips: lost, 13Black. -10$ 2nd spin – 20 chips: lost, 28Black. -20$ 3rd spin – 40 chips: won, 5 Red. +40$ Stop for summing up: -1$+2$+1$+1$-10$+20$-10$+20$+10$-10$-20$+40$=43$ 43$ is our profit.

As you see, after each winning stake we came back to the starting point – 1$ at the 1st Test and 10$ at the 2nd test. After each loss, we were increasing wager two times.

Actually, after each winning combo, color should be changed, but we were curious what can happen, if we didn’t make it. As you see, changing of colors do not promise you constantly high black and red odds in roulette and incredible winnings, as well as sticking to one color. You can replace color when you wish, because some computer algorithms may detect, that you stick to Black&Red strategy.