BlackJack Card Game: Learn How to Play and Win

BlackJack - Gamble It For Real Money

Gambling enthusiasts and skillful players consider online casino blackjack as one of the most exciting and profitable games.  Since its introduction, the game of Blackjack has always been popular.  Devoted and enthusiastic fans from all over the world enjoy nothing more than using their own strategies to play Blackjack and make a profit. 

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  • Blackjack has minimum risks and is a great social game.  Players enjoy the logical thinking and different strategies that can be used to lower the house edge.  Blackjack is considered one of the most lucrative games that involves careful deliberation and calculations. An increasing number of online casinos for real money advertise the game to attract the attention of both new and experienced players.  Most respected online casinos where you can play Blackjack for real money, offer an amazing opportunity to enjoy the game and win impressive profits.  We suggest you play it at QuasarGaming or Guts.Com casinos.

    BlackJack For Money - The Basics

    Before you begin to play, you need to be aware of the basic rules of the game.  The object of Blackjack is quite straightforward, you need to collect cards and add them together to try to get as close to 21 as possible.  Kings, Queens and Jacks are all worth 10.  The Ace can be either 1 or 11 and it is the individual players’ decision which of these two values it will be worth depending on their hand.  All the other cards are worth the same as their number.  A 9 is worth 9 and a 3 is worth 3 etc.  If the total of your cards is higher than 21, you have bust.  If the dealers hand is higher than yours, you also lose.  Your main priority is to have cards with a total less than 21.  Although you will be playing with other people, the numbers that they get do not affect your game and are only important for the strategy of counting.  The important thing is that your hand beats the dealers hand.  You will receive winnings if you are closer to 21 than the dealer or if the dealers hand is higher than 21, meaning he has bust. 

    Standard online Blackjack for real money has 6 players and one dealer.  Six or Eight decks of cards are thoroughly shuffled together and placed in the shoe.  This is a holder that the cards are dealt from.  The game starts after each player makes their initial bet and receives two face up cards.  The dealer also gets two cards however the first card is face up and the second card is face down.  The players, in turn, choose whether they want to stay (sometimes called stand or stick) or take an additional card (sometimes called hit) to try to reach the desired 21.  At the end of the round, it is the dealers turn and they turn the card that was dealt face down.  If the dealers’ cards total less than 17 they have to take an additional card, however, if their cards total 17 or above they will stand.  Any player whose cards total more than the dealers, win.  If the total of your cards is the same as the total of the dealers cards your initial bet is returned to you, this is called push.

    If the two cards that you are initially dealt with have the same value (eg:  two 5s or two 9s or a Jack and a 10) you have the option to Split.  If you want to do this, you will need to match your initial bet and then the two cards are separated to create two hands.  You play each hand individually, choosing whether to stand or hit as described above. 

    There are other decisions that you can make during a game to improve your chances of winning a hand or avoid losing all of your initial bet:

    • Doubling Down, this is where you can double the bet you made on your first two cards, however, you will only be dealt one more card. 
    • Insurance, if the dealer has an Ace showing as their face up card, you may be offered Insurance, this means that you need to made a new bet which is half the value of your initial bet.  You will instantly lose your initial bet.  When the dealer reveals his second card, if he has Blackjack (an Ace and a 10, J, Q or K) then you would receive 2:1 on your insurance bet and you leave the round breaking even.  Some players consider this to be a wasted bet and will always decline the insurance if it is offered.
    • Surrender, is when you decide that you do not want to play that round, so you need to make this decision before you draw any additional cards.  The dealer will then take half of your initial bet.  Note that this option is not available at all casinos

    Strategies and Winning Tips

    One of the initial reasons many players love online casino Blackjack is because when you become more skilled in the game, have a great knowledge of the rules and apply different strategies, the house has an edge that is less than 1%.

    This means that a few simple tricks can assist you in participating in these highly profitable casino games.  Unlike slot games, which are purely based on luck, Blackjack is a game of decisions, where winning depends on your choices.  Taking into consideration the dealers face up card, each player should decide whether to stay, take extra cards, double-down, or split.  These choices allow Blackjack to be the best game for players wanting to make a profit.

    So, whether you are a new or an experienced player, if you follow these recommendations, you will have multiple opportunities to win.  Online Blackjack is a game where careful deliberations, logic and strategies, will help you to be profitable:

    • Many players don’t apply strategies and allow chance to decide their fate.  Use this to your advantage and master your skills:
    • Do not get disappointed if you are not the one closest to 21.  Your initial task is to beat the dealer. 
    • Do not accept insurances if you are not sure if the dealer has blackjack, or you know all the other cards in the deck.
    • Build your own strategy and reduce the house edge to 1% or lower.
    • Be a wise player and decide when is the best time to stop and leave the table with a profit.

    Blackjack for Real Money

    With all the benefits, impressive odds and diversity of rewarding features, it is no wonder that Blackjack is a game which is enjoyed by players from all over the world.  Now that you can play Blackjack online for real money, it is even more popular.  Dozens of reputable online casinos with impressive facilities, allow you to play Blackjack online, so after some practice, go ahead, apply your strategies, bet real money and reap the rewards that will come your way.