21 Casino Movies Of All Time By GamesMoney

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21 Casino Movies - Infographic By GamesMoney.Com

The Full List Of Casino Films

  • The Sting - 1973

Adventure-crime comedy by George Roy Hill that tells a story about two gentlemen of fortune who avenge the death of their friend planning great dodge fraud. The movie won 7 Oscar nominations and takes the 15th place for box-office results in history of American cinema.

  • Casino - 1995

Epic crime drama by Martin Scorsese about Sam “Ace” Rothstein - top sweepstake expert and gambling handicapper who is appointed by influential mafia associations to rule the casino owned by them. The plot goes around Sam casino deals and love story with Ginger - hustler who becomes his wife but then dies of a drug overdose.

  • The Hustler - 1961

In this drama film we know what happens when young professional pool player loses for the first time in his life and falls in a love with the girl who commits suicide in the same period. In the end he regains his lost money and does away with pool forever.

  • Bob le Flambeur - 1956

For Bob The Gambler the years he spent in prison for bank robbery were not enough and he decides to make a new plan and commit casino robbery where his companion works as Croupier. Some of his friends are involved in plan too and certainly it was not without a girl by whose fault the robbery fell down.

  • Rounders - 1998

The idea of the film was born when its screenplay writer Brian Koppelman lost $750 in under-the-table gambling house in New - York. It tells the story of young student, talented poker player who gives a promise to his girlfriend to give up playing but is forced to break it in order to win big sum of money and help his friend. Making his best to save friend from influential and dangerous enemies he faces lots of problems which all are finally resolved by the end of the movie. In final episode we see Mike going to Las Vegas to take part in World Series of Poker.

  • A Big Hand For The Little Lady - 1966

On the way to Texas family couple with a child get involved in poker round played by professional gamblers. Unable to overcome the excitement husband loses all family budget and has a heart attack. Young wife has no choice but to take husband's place at poker table. But wait a minute - can anyone explain her how to play poker?

  • Bay Of Angels - 1963

Jean`s life dramatically changes when he gets his first big win in casino. Since that time he feels irresistible passion to roulette and travel to Nizza to play. There he meets Jackie who has the same passion. “I lost my family with roulette, and even my son - I guess I lost him too”, - she says. But will gambling affection become stronger than their new borning love?

  • California Split - 1974

This film is about luck, big wins and misfortunes. Two floppers Bill and Charlie go mad about gambling but they often lose and once they meet each other in pub and realize that being different in some points they can make a good match. To try their luck together they go to the biggest casino in the city and unexpectedly legendary California gambler loses them a huge stake. Although this win doesn't make them happy they don`t get disappointed as their main rule is to play for pleasure.

  • The Gambler - 1974

The character of James Caan - Axel Freed proves once again that even educated professor can be a victim of gambling addiction. Narration starts when he loses $44 000 in casino and goes on his attempts to get them back. Freed asks his mother to borrow him money to pay the debt off. Old woman gives all she has to her son who cannot cope with his addiction but takes money and go to Las Vegas.

  • Hard Eight - 1996

The film is about to gamblers - eldery one called Sydney and young named John. When Sydney met John at gas station, young but ambitious player was at low water mark because of loses he got that night. Sydney takes the boy under his wing and teaches him the art of gambling. SInce that time they become like father and son making for a living playing in casinos together. One evening they meet Clementine, waitress who used to spend nights with clients for money. John feels great sympathy for her but hardly ever they both can change their lifestyle.

  • The Cincinnati Kid - 1965

Nominated in 1996 for Golden Globe prize this film has become one the best movies about poker in the entire history of world cinema. Steve McQueen as Eric Stoner appears in the film as an experienced player from New Orleans. Outside the dark days of the Great Depression, and Stoner is obsessed with the idea to become the best player in the country. For this, he defies the old invincible Lancy Howard nicknamed "Man" who is considered to be the king of poker players…

  • Croupier - 1998

Jack Manfred is aspiring writer who experiencing a creative crisis decides to get a job in casino. He likes to watch the people playing but never makes bets by himself until seductive girl casino haunter involves him in game. Jack believes that luck is on his side and he doesn`t suspect that gambling temptations will carry him away much more faster than he supposed.

  • Owning Mahowny - 2003

The story of Dan Mahowny is based on true story about clerk of one of the biggest banks in Toronto. Being 24 years old he is appointed as main department chief and gets an access to customers accounts. None of his colleagues and friends could not suspect gambling addiction in this reliable and responsible man. And once after a huge loss he has nothing to do but withdraw money from clients accounts.

  • Maverick - 1994

This film is about outstanding gambler, skilled poker player and charming rogue Bret Maverick. He does his best to “earn” enough money to participate in poker championship. But he is not the only person going to this event - the same goal is followed by charismatic thief Annabelle. They get involved in lots of adventurous and risky affairs until each of them gets $25 000 - the sum necessary to enter the tournament.

  • The Cooler - 2003

All his life Bernie Lootz has a bad luck to such a degree that one of casinos hires him to work as “ The Cooler” to spread the aura of looser on players who often win. And as Bernie owed the casino a huge sum he chained to it stronger than steel chains. And only meeting with waitress Natalie returns a good fortune to him. He pays his debt back but casino owners don`t want to part with such valuable employee.

  • 21 - 2008

Much time ago Micky Rosa was professional Blackjack gambler but his money affairs attracted attention of influential city groups and he was forced to give up with gambling. But certainly such strong passion and big talent can not disappear at once and Micky takes the group of 5 students to teach them all he can in Blackjack. These guys learn fast and soon become known as the best players hitting the biggest jackpots in casinos. But when Micky`s enemies understand who stands behind these boys the most interesting things begin…

  • The Lady Gambles - 1949

When Joan with her husband arrives in Las Vegas she doesn`t suppose that this trip will change all her life. Glowing lights of casino halls attract the woman and she realizes she can`t live without gambling any more. When she loses control over herself the value of bets becomes too high - she puts stake for everything: happiness in marriage, future children, her own life. And finally Joan faces the choice - to set the last bet or return life.

  • The Good Thief - 2002

Experienced thief and hard-headed rogue Bob Montagnet returns to dazzling French Riviera to crank out his last, the biggest deal. Under the watchful eye of his eternal enemy, and his old friend Roger police inspector, he assembles a team of first-class professionals, planning an unprecedented in its audacity and casino robbery. He is surrounded by traitors who dream to make money on easy prey but aging thief has a card up his sleeve - he plans to commit two robberies and which of them will be true we know in the very end of the film.

  • High Roller - 2003

At age 14 he was the best gambler in the darkest corners of New York. Being 20 years old desperate genius flees to Las Vegas from the mafia and debts. There he becomes the youngest poker champion and after a while loses everything. Stu Ungar shuffles his life like card deck because cards are his entire life.

  • The Gambler - 2014

Jim Bennett is a risky guy. At daytime he is a brilliant writer and great teacher but at night he is an avid player. He is deeply mired in a world where the law is an empty phrase and once he stakes everything including his own life. His creditors are dangerous but those who can help him are even more dangerous. But is a man who lost himself worth to be given the second chance? And if he is, how much it will cost him?

  • The Big Town - 1987

In a small town in the Midwest there lived a guy named Callie. He is very lucky in the game of dice, and he wants to try his fortune in Chicago, the capital of rock 'n' roll and blues, where the best gamblers play with each other. His dream comes true very soon and in a short time he takes the glory of a successful player of the big city and meets a married couple that owns the strip club. Cole leads all business, including not quite legitimate, and his wife, Lorrie - the main "star" of the club. A dangerous love affair with her involves Callie in a web of envy, jealousy and intrigue. He has to try hard not to turn Chicago, the city of his dreams into a place of his death.