D'alembert Strategy

Among the number of different Roulette Strategies is the D´alembert Roulette Strategy.  This system is considered to be one of the safest as it has a much lower risk than some of the other strategies.  Below we are going to explain this system, the core of which is arithmetic progression, in more detail.

The Strategy Core Idea

D'Alembert was a well-known French physicist, mathematician and author of many scientific works on mathematical analysis. His system is rather simple and it can even be used by newbies.  Many players notice that it has much in common with the Martingale strategy, as it is based on geometrical progression.  However, the D'alembert method has a lower risk, so the probability of losing a substantial sum of money is much smaller.

The essence of the strategy is that every time you lose, the stake should only be increased by one point.  If you win, it remains the same.  So, it is a game with a progressive system, which can't guarantee you breathtaking wins but ensures that the game will be long and steady.

How Does It Work

The D'Alembert approach is often used while playing with outside bets: red or black, even/odd or 1 - 18/19 - 36.  As in the long-term the frequency of winnings is well-balanced.  

If you decide to use this method, begin placing your bets with one chip. If you are winning, continue to bet one chip and when you lose, add one more chip to your bet.  When you win after a loss, you take away one chip and continue to do this until you reach your initial stake of one chip.

Here is an example:  Bet 1 and Lose, Bet 2 and Win, Bet 1 and Lose, Bet 2 and Win, Bet 3 and Lose, Bet 4 and Lose, Bet 5 and Win, Bet 4 and Win. Your total profit would be: 0-1+2-1+2-3-4+5+4=4.  This is the golden rule with the D´Alembert system.  As there were an equal number of losses and wins, you will always be in profit by the number of bets. 

Scheme Pros and Cons

The only advantages of this system are that you can't go into bankruptcy as quickly as you would using the Martingale system and you won't reach the limit of the table before you recover all your losses.

A serious disadvantage is that before you win, you'll have to suffer a series of defeats and your profit will be less than the total sum of your losses.

Contre D'Alembert System

There is also another method, which is contrary to the D'alembert strategy and it is called “Contre D'Alembert System”. In this case you increase the stake if you win and decrease it when you lose.  

You can continue to play this game until you reach a stated amount of money or the initial stakes are returned.  This system will be suitable for those who don't want to increase stakes significantly.

These systems can be used both in live casinos and in their online versions, which are represented on casino sites.  Just remember that each number that lands in a pocket of the roulette wheel is not connected to the previous one and doesn't comply to any rules.  So the effectiveness of such a system remains doubtful.  

You will not be protected from losses, no matter what strategy you've chosen.  Remember gambling games are also called “games of chance”, everything depends on your fortune and luck.  So you´ll just have to trust your inner feelings.