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Those players who like making payments via credit cards should obviously try Discover card casinos payment method. Powered by Visa, it was founded 31 years ago at the United States of America. And now, it takes the third place among the leading brands there. It offers great array of services for everybody starting from ordinary credit cards and ending with special offers for students.

However, it is still grey area whether it is accepted at the online gambling houses or not (actually, this info applies to all credit cards, because they are acknowledged generally, but on practice it is a bit complicated to guarantee the successful transaction). We will try to make this point clear, as well as get more data about this paying solution.

Great Banking Discovery

Many players are satisfied with the process how online casinos Discover card money transactions are conducted. Apart from gambling sites this method provides plenty of other services for different customers categories:

  • For financial institutions
  • For merchants
  • For students

Financial institutions and merchants can issue either debit, prepaid or credit cards from Discover with its various amenities like Reward Product, Premium Product, Business Product, Consumer Debit Card, Campus, Payroll, Gift and many others. If you are student, you can apply for diverse loans given by Discover - undergraduate, residency, MBA loans and so on and even get rewards for good grades and zero fees!

So, if you issued this card and going to pay with it in Discover card casino online or any other place accepting it, you can be sure that this process is completely secure. How it works? The customer comes to merchant and pay with discover. The first step is verification and authorization process during which merchant sends info about transaction to Acquirer, it addresses the request to Discover, which transmits it to financial institution in turn. The last one verifies data and Discover network sends approval to the Acquirer and he redirects it to the Merchant, that stores transaction or process it. Operations are submitted and addressed to Acquirer again, which conducts it to the Discover network. The network, due to the card possessed by player (debit or credit) supplies the Financial institution with money and it bills the customer (card owner). The customer pays its bill and Financial Institution transmits it to Discover that pays money to Acquirer. And it conducts pays to Merchant.

Yes, a bit complicated scheme and you can see it displayed schematically on their main site. But due to the such system it is one of the most protected method in the online pays world standing in one row with popular e-wallets like Skrill or PayPal.

How To Pay In Casinos Accepting Discover Card?

Actually, it doesn’t involve any extra knowledges for you to process payment with your credit card. Just open deposits area and conduct cash from card to gambling site. However, it is still controversial point whether it is possible to make pays with it or not due to Discover casino policy and anti-gambling policy in the USA in general. We only can offer you to try it in casinos. Usually the video slot machine gameplay menu is simpe and player-friendly. And the procedure is clear for skilled users and for freshers.

What To Do If My Card Isn’t Approved?

If your Discover card isn’t acknowledged by online gambling site, you can try such proven methods as PayPal or other e-wallets, as well as bank wire transfers and others.