Why Pogba can be the best in Manchester United

He was crying in Ferguson’s cabinet, but Sir Alex decided to set him free out of the team. Paul Pogba’s hurt with manager’s decision, and didn’t think a lot about his future. He accepted Juve’s contract. That moment was the brightness in his football career. Pogba’s partner in a central midfield zone was «maestro» Andrea Pirlo.

I guess, many of us only can dream about it. During 2 seasons from kid the Frenchman became one of the unchangeable players for Turin. You can easily see it, he was enjoying this time. But he was thinking only about his return to the club where he had felt so much hurt. In the last season Pogba was clear leader in Juventus midfield zone playing 34 games in Seria A and scoring 20 points (goals + assists). After Euro 2016 Real Madrid and Manchester United began the fight for the French wunderkind. But Pogba wanted only to move back to his home – Manchester.

The most expensive transfer in the history of football

You know, it’s really hard to play, even to run, sleep and do many things in your life when you are the most expensive player in the world and your transfer price is €105M. But, as we can see, Pogba doesn’t feel the pressure from all of critics and rivals. Look like he wants all of them to concentrate on his person, he enjoys it. Gianluigi Buffon said two words about Pogba: «He reminds me of Platini and Zidane».

Definitely, Paul will have success this year.

Where to play? In Juventus he was playing more close to the opponents goal, but in Jose Mourinho’s schemes you can’t find this place for Pogba. Portuguese likes the 4-2-3-1 scheme. Pogba was playing in this scheme for France during Euro 2016 in central midfield zone with Matuidi, and was not so impressive. You can think- why United signed contract with him? Let’s remember the match against Southampton. Jose let him play everywhere in midfield where Paul wanted. The Frenchman was in defense and helped his partners in attack as well.

Pogba-Mkhitaryan – dagger for opponents?

I think this couple of new players could be very interesting playing together. Why? As we know, Mkhitaryan in his first 2 seasons for Shakhtar was playing defensive midfielder. In the last 2 seasons for Borussia Dortmund he was playing fantastically as right winger and as #10. What do I want to say? Pogba and Mkhitaryan – both can play as defensive as offensive midfielders, and footballers can change their positions during all game long, which could be headache for many teams in Premier League.