James Bond Roulette System Overview

Royal gaming is opened for everybody with the same Royal betting method – James Bond roulette strategy. All you need is hidden in two main parameters: composition in percent and sense of proportion.

Unlike numerous strategies based on mathematical progressions James Bond roulette system does not require any sophisticated calculations, however, you have to stop at right time, or loss will be unbearable for you. Just keep in mind key point – strategy is good, but Roulette is still the game of chance consisting numbers from one up to 36 and Zero. It’s more than just complicated to predict the outcome, only make an attempt to cover more numbers (of course if you have big enough bankroll for it).

Secret Spy’s Weapon

To wager as the Secret Agent, you have to know some principals of James Bond casino strategy: all you need to have certain amount of money for wagering and learn the following proportion:

  • 70% for High numbers – 19-36
  • 25% for six line covering 13-18
  • 5% for Zero

Glance and the Roulette table and you will see that in such a way, you have covered 75% of the possible betting area.

The payouts for chosen groups are the next ones:

  • For Zero it pays 35:1
  • For Six Line – 5:1
  • For High payout is 1:1

James Bond’s Strategy - Roulette As A Show

Before wagering for real cash, we decided to take James Bond’s strategy on mission and check the payouts, as well as wins and losses. The key point is that those numbers are not the luckiest or the most frequent ones. No. The matter is that they just cover ¾ of the wagering area. At the same time, we still can lose any second. To cut a long story short, we had 160$ and were eager to reveal myths.

Due to the proportion, stakes amounts were the following ones:

  • High – 160$*0.7=112$
  • Six Line (13-18) – 160*0.25=40$
  • Zero – 160*0.05=8$

We placed stakes (we chose European Roulette by NetEnt) and triggered the gameplay. The outcome was impressive and lets follow practical use of roulette James Bond Strategy along with its results:

1st round – 31 Black: we won 224$ (our stake and the same amount, because its Even’s wager)

2nd round – 32 red: we won 224$

3rd round – 21 red: we won 224$

4th round – 10 black: lost

5th round – Zero: we won 288$

6th round – 13 black: we won 240$

And here we made a decision to stop and count. As we told, with such high wagers it’s better to stop after high wins, because it’s risky to lose it ALL.

Thus, we had 160$ and counted how much we won:

  • 160$-40$+112$-8$-40$+112$-8$-40$+112$-8$-160$-40$-112$+280$-112$-8$+200$=400$

As you see, we won 240$. Maybe, we shouldn’t have stopped? But you can never predict is it right time or not and we just aimed to see how it works. Read it all, test on demo-version and only after it make your decision whether to try such tactic or not.