Juventus – Seria A

We don’t like to make predictions for the whole season after watching only one game, but Juventus makes us do it for Serie A. Juventus won Fiorentina 2-1 on Aug 20, 2016. This fact is not so main like the squad Juventus was playing with. Asamoah (who was injured almost for 2 years long) and Lemina. Many said he could be second Pogba, but these are only words.

Definitely, without Pogba in the midfield zone will be harder to win games in easy way. Anyway, just look at the Juventus transfers during this summer. They proved again who was the boss in Italy. Pjanic (it was Roma’s mistake selling Miralem only for € 32M), Pjaza, Dani Alves, «Pipita» Higuain (about him I’ll tell more) and Benatia. All of them , really, top players. Milan is not Milan for a long time, Inter has many financial problems, Napoli won’t be able to keep up the fight till the end of the season. Maybe Roma.

«Fat» Gonzalo for € 90M.

Gonzalo Higuain moved from Napoli to Juventus for the record money in history of Seria A - € 90M. We can understand the reaction of Napoli fans, they was burning his jerseys. Argentinean became the Judas for Neapole… and hero for Turin by scoring the winner goal for Juventus in game against Fiorentina.

Many of critics and people were talking about his weight. Yes, he was with a little tummy during this summer. But Gonzalo did the big statement about this: «Keep calling me fat, I'll keep scoring».