Kavouras Roulette Strategy - Experiments With Luck

When playing Roulette using the rules of the Kavouras Strategy, you will spread different bets over a large amount of numbers and wait for the results. For many years players have asked themselves if betting strategies really work. We can only inform you of the details of these strategies, including the positives and negatives and let you decide if they will be lucrative or not. Here we will describe the Kavouras Roulette Betting Strategy.

Theoretical Aspects Of The System

This system was created by one of the most passionate players of Roulette.  His theory is that you place different levels of bets on 20 different areas or numbers of the betting area.  One of the main advantages of this system/strategy is that in land based casinos, dealers can´t trace it.

In general the Kavouras Roulette Betting Strategy is based on three different types of bets:

  • Corner - 1 chip
  • Split - 1 chip
  • Six Line - 2 chips

The payout for a corner is 8:1, for a split bet it is 17:1 and for a six line bet it is 5:1.  Stakes of this kind can cover a string of losses because of the high payouts and at the same time involves bets on nearly two thirds of the betting field.

Let´s look at the three different types of bets in more details:

Corner - place one bet on the corner of numbers 0/1/2/3.

Split - you need to place five bets on the following pairs:  27/30, 17/20, 15/18, 13/14 and 8/11.

Six line - place one bet on numbers 31 to 36.

The order of these numbers should not be changed.  You need to continually bet on these every spin to see how lucrative they will be.  This is easy to do with online games as you just have to repeat your previous stake without having to place your bets each time.

Experiment Time - Kavouras Roulette Bet In Use

We placed our chips on these special numbers and began our spinning adventure. The general wager was 8€ The results were the following:

1st spin – 28 black, lost. -8€

2nd spin – 27 red, won 18€ (+17€ - 7€) Explanation: Split wager 27-30 pays 17:1, i.e. 17 chips for your 1 chip. Here we gained victory, so we received 17 chips or 17€. But, other stakes lost, so, we lost our money too and need to subtract 7€. If any split wager wins you will be awarded with 10€.

3rd spin – 24 black, lost -8€

4th spin – 11 black, won 18€ (+17€ - 7€)

5th spin – 20 black, won 18€ (+17€ - 7€)

6th spin – 14 red, won 18€ (+17€ - 7€)

7th spin – 35 black, won 12€ (+10€ - 6€). Explanation. Six Line wager pays 5:1. We placed 2 chips for this section, so in this round of roulette the Kavouras bet helps us to get 10€, but other chips lost, so we also lost 6€. If to sum up with Line stake we can win 4€.

8th spin – 6 black, lost. -8€

We had 150€. Let’s count:


So, we gained 20€.

This could be considered as mere coincidence, so why don´t you try this system a few times and see how it works. Our aim was to explain the principle and share our results.