Markus Rashford’s Goal To Rescue Manchester United

United’s English striker became the youngest player to score under Jose Mourinho in Premier League (18y, 300d). After win in away game against Hull City Portuguese manager became the first head coach in Manchester United history who started with 4 victories in a row.

Looked like Hull City were afraid of playing the open football with Man. United and were only defending during all the game. This strategy is called «bus». Probably this can be the first game when Manchester United played crucially and dominated all 90 minutes. Just look at these stats:

  • shots – 8 – 29
  • corners – 1 - 6
  • possession – 38% – 62%

In David Moyes and Louis van Gaal’s time «Red Devils» fans couldn’t see the scenario of any match like that. Last 2 years David de Gea was named the best in team, but this year he could even sleep, because defense doesn’t allow creating chances. That was the second clean sheet for Spanish goalkeeper in this season.

Mkhitaryan and Rashford – the second breath

Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Markus Rashford gave the pace Manchester United so needed in the second half. Before the match Jose Mourinho said he couldn’t leave Juan Mata on the bench because he played well at the start of new season. As you remember in the first 2 games against Bournemouth and Southampton Mourinho replaced Mata with Mkhitaryan on 75th minute. In game against Hull City was the other scenario. Mata wasn’t playing as he could, and Jose substituted him by Armenian on 60th minute. «Miki» revived the game. He was fouled twice and in both cases Hull’s players were booked. He even had good opportunity to score, but was a little slow to shot and heated the defender’s leg. Mkhitaryan’s stats:

  • passes accuracy – 92%
  • dribbles – 2
  • shots - 4 (2 on target)

For right winger or playmaker it is fantastic accuracy of passes. At the moment Jose probably has a headache who to be in the starting line-up in game against Manchester City – Mata or Mkhitaryan?

Wayne Rooney and Markus Rashford – English rescue for Manchester United

«Markus Rashford is our second striker» - said Jose Mourinho after the game and obviously he will play a lot in this season. After replacing Anthony Martial he created himself the first real chance to score but Hull City’s Jakupovic played gloriously to save his team. Wayne Rooney’s been criticized since the pre-season for his weight and playing very slowly. But who has done the assist to Rashford’s winner goal?l Anyway Rooney is proud, heart and captain of Manchester United. He player of the moment and create anything crazy. No one can steal the experience from Wayne and he proved it when he passed Hull’s defender and made great assist to young striker. Rashford scored on the last 93rd minute of the game and gave the victory.

Fergie-time again

Mourinho’s United started to remind of Sir Alex’s team. Markus Rashford scored the goal in «Fergie-time». Manchester United again have the killer instinct and other clubs starting to be afraid of «Red Devils». After that victory United have 9 points and in 3rd place at the moment. In the next game Manchester United will face Manchester City at Old Trafford (Sep 10, 2016). This match can be one of the best in this season for all European Top Championships. We will see «Mourinho-Guardiola» battle again, now in Manchester derby. Best defense against best offense.