Martingale Roulette Strategy

Martingale Roulette SystemFor many years roulette players have been developing various strategies which, in their opinion, can help to leave their opponents far behind.  They have experimented with different sizes of stakes and the sequence in which they are played. This has resulted in methods that are based on mathematical principles. The oldest and the most well-known strategy belonging to this type is the Martingale system.


The Martingale system is based on the principle of geometrical progression.  This is the oldest and easiest way to calculate stakes.  It was developed around the middle of the eighteenth century and Legend says that this system was named after a famous gambler of the nineteenth century, who used to visit the casinos of the French Riviera.  Another version, is that the name came from a French town Martigues, where inhabitants were known to be naive in a foolish way.

Up until the present day the Martingale betting system for roulette has been the basis for lots of other strategies with different stakes and payout rates.

Does The Win Follow The Loss?

The core of the system is to increase your bet after each loss. When a player wins he brings back the lost money and receives a relatively small profit.  For example, when the player bets on an equal chance outcome, red/black, even/odd or 1 - 18/19 - 36, after every successful round his stake remains the same but when he loses, he doubles his money.  This strategy can be called intuitive.

if you place a bet on the colour red for example and lose, you continue placing money on red again and again, doubling your stakes every time.  When you finally win, you will recover all your losses.

However, this system does have its downfalls, unless you have an enormous amount of money, you will eventually run out of it.  Remember that each table has a maximum bet and when your stake is higher than the maximum level, it is not possible to continue playing and recover your losses.

Using The Opposite Algorithm

There is also a variant of Martingale strategy where you double the sum of money after each win.  In this case you should clearly define your limits, this strategy is called Anti-Martingale.  People who use this strategy note that wins don´t happen often and they are relatively small, but losses are immensely high.  

In general, both the Martingale system and its opposite are used in equal chance bets (1:1).  You can play these systems both in real live roulette and its online version, offered at special online casino sites for real money.

These strategies are often used by those who are new to casino games.  They believe that they have found the only way to receive incredibly high profits.  In fact, the use of any strategy is not a solution for all difficulties.  There is always a place for chance, even if you are lucky to win several times in a row using these methods, it doesn't mean that you won't lose all your winnings in the following few rounds.  

So, you are free to decide whether or not to use any strategies.  We would recommend that you rely only on your fortune.  If you feel that today you will be lucky, then start playing without thinking about any methods – just follow your heart and trust your intuition.