Rules and Gaming Strategies of Online Craps Game

Online Craps - Only For Real Money

One of the most drawing  table games among gamblers – Online Craps For Money – has already proven its favor and high possibility to win. The rules are simple and relying on them, you will increase your chances to sweep the board. So, dear newbies or avid players longing to learn more about this game and create victorious strategy.

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  • Rumors say that even Crusaders were gambling this game or its “grandfather”, but the modern version became well-known and popular in New Orleans. Even soldiers were playing craps for money on each possible surface and it earned another name – “army blanket roll”, because sheets were “game field.

    Online Casino Craps Real Money - Rules

    Craps is one of the most popular table game in the world. Today we can play not only claccis Craps, but also online versions by different software developers. Well, let’s leave behind history lessons, and learn more about practice. Online Craps its game with two dices. Just shake those devil’s bones in a proper way and the outcome will let you know whether you win or lose. But how to place wager?

    For it, it's necessary to get some info about the field before you throw there dices. The shooter – person who throw those bones starts the game. It’s well-known that the maximum on the bones is equal to 12, minimum – 2. Thus, for which number to bet to become a winner? Look at the field precisely and you will see big “Pass Line”. This stake can be placed only at starting point of the new game. If you place stake on it, the victorious combo will be for you lucky 7 or 10. If 2 or maybe 3 together with 12 appears, you will lose it. If other numbers, it will be marked as “point” and game will continue till next 7, which ends the round. It means that player won.

    Also, it’s possible to make additional stakes on the pass. Just wait till “point” appear on the field. After it it’s time for “odds on the pass line”. Place you stake for 5 or 4. The payouts differ:

    • Point 4, 10 – 2:1
    • Point 5, 9 – 3:2
    • Point 6, 8 – 6:5

    This stake wins in case, that it appears ahead of 7. However, you can cancel this stake at any moment.

    You can place any time stake for “Come”. The rules here are simple: 7 and 10 are lucky numbers, however 2 or poor 3 together with 12 – no. Thus, if you collect 7 you will win (the same thing with 10). If points will come up, game will be continued till the another point. If it appears, you will win. But if appear 7 or maybe 10, you will lose.

    These stakes are the most popular, however, you can bet for “Don’t Pass” and it is opposite for Pass, thus it can be set before “come out roll” as Pass, and 3 and 12 will be lucky. What about 2? It will return wager to player. If 7 or 10 appear on the field, you will lose. And points will set point, and if 7 will appear before this point, wager will win.

    If Point is set, it's high time for “Don’t come” wager. It gains if 3 or maybe 12 are on the dices, if 7 or 11, it will lose. If 2 is on the dices, it will return to player. And if other Points come up, they are called “Don’t come point”. Now you need to beg 7 to appear, because it will be victorious.

    Stake one the “Field” can be place any time you wish before any thrown. It means that you stake for 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12.

    Staking on big 6 or 8, player hopes to get those numbers before 7. Godspeed! And wait for result.

    Other bets such as Any Seven, Come Odds Point as well as Don’t Come Odds Point, Place win point or place lose point, any seven in parallel with any craps, but bet point, lay bet, Horn and Hardway are possible too. 

    So, these are the rules and stakes of online craps game, but how to game it and not spend time on road to online casino? The answer is obvious, go to on-line gambling house and find there you Craps game in numerous variation – with 3 dices or classic variant, with other players and so on. Just taste its hazardous rhythm and check your strategy!