Keno Online For Money

Keno For Real Money

Before playing Keno online for real money, it is important to learn the rules and understand the principles of the game. Originating in China, Keno is now one of the most popular of all online casino games. The rules are similar to Lotto and with its simple game play, fast pace and large jackpots, Keno is an attractive game to players of all abilities.  We suggest you follow some simple rules to increase your potential profit when playing Keno.


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  • How To Play Real Money Keno

    The only thing you need to do to play Keno online for money, is select the winning numbers.  As these numbers are always picked randomly, you can choose the same numbers as many times as you wish.  To make the game easier and more exciting, we have listed some rules below.  If you follow them you can win unbelievable amounts:

    1. The playing area has 8 rows and 10 columns and each square is numbered 1 to 80. 
    2. You need to decide how many numbers (or spots) you want to play with.  This can vary from casino to casino but normally you can choose between 1 and 10, although some casinos allow you to pick up to 12, 15 or 20.  You then select each of your numbers by clicking on them.
    3. Now you choose your bet, usually this ranges from £1 to £100, however, the limits vary and some casinos will allow you to bet with a few pence.  Bear in mind, that the bigger your bet the larger the jackpot will be.
    4. Check that you are happy with the numbers you have selected and the options you have chosen above.
    5. Select how many rounds you want to play, in some casinos you can choose between 1 and 10, at others you can play one or play five.  If your casino has the latter option as soon as you click on play 1 or play 5 the game will commence.  In other casinos, you make your choices above and then click on the play button to activate gameplay.
    6. The machine will now generate 20 numbers at random.  After every round the machine will automatically calculate how many numbers you have chosen correctly and will let you know the amount you will be paid out.
    7. If you want to repeat the process with the same numbers, then you can click on the play button again and your previous options will remain.  However, if you want to change your numbers then click on the clear button and this will remove all your previous selections and allow you to choose new ones.
    8. You can also change your bet and the number of rounds you want to play.

    Tips to Boost the Payout

    It is rather difficult to influence a round of Keno, as it is a game based on luck, although by being smart and risky, you can increase your profit and take advantage of the game.  One of the greatest opportunities offered by online casinos is their bonuses.  Check our list of online casinos where you can play Keno and learn about the different bonuses they offer.  Consider these simple tricks to make your Keno experience profitable and enjoyable:

    1. The more numbers that you choose, the higher your odds are of winning. 
    2. Hitting the jackpot is extremely rare, however, matching between 3 and 9 numbers is an achievable goal and activates the lowest house edge.
    3. Use your head when playing Keno online for money.  Gambling favours players who are persistent.  However, never bet more than you can afford.

    If you have tried the free version and are feeling both lucky and ready to bet with real money, you are welcome to choose a casino who is offering the best deals with bigger benefits and high payout rates.