Pasteandpay Online Casinos

paste and pay casinos online

For opening more payment options for yourself on gambling sites, start using numerous vouchers systems allowing players from everywhere to contribute some money to their accounts. And among the most trusted ones we can propose PasteandPay casino service working due to the same parameters as its name reveals – simple paste the code and pay for your preferences!

With this money certificate even USA citizens are able to deposit their funds to online casinos for real money. All you need – just follow the sign up process and pay for voucher from your real credit card. As about other peculiarities, we are going to reveal them in the following paragraphs.

How To Get PasteandPay Vouchers?

What is not less important, PasteandPay casinos provide services that are very simple in its usage. Initially, for buying their vouchers, customer need to possess real credit card issued by Visa or Maestro.

If you are going to purchase their certificate, follow the registration process at the main site completing the form including three obligatory parameters:

  • Phone number
  • Passport
  • Credit card

Instead of passport info, it is possible to provide the system with social security number. Note, that phone number must to be actual one or verification process will not be completed successfully. This system is connected to your number on which you will receive not only verification code, but also – further checks codes. That is why when you receive the single-use pin code, type it at the appropriate field on the site and activate your credit card. After this, money will be taken from card automatically each time you apply for the PasteandPay products.

What I Need To Proceed Payment In Pasteandpay Online Casino?

Owning special 36 digits code it becomes as simple as possible. Go directly to any gambling site accessible in your country and choose PasteandPay logotype. After it, pay appropriate sum following the prompts from your voucher. As about minimal and maximal limits, look for it at the certain casino, because they vary due to the site financial policy.

What Kind Of Certificates I can get?

When you apply for issuing it at the main site, it is possible to get any sum voucher. At the same time, there is a set of ready forms and some promotional offers. Look though it to pick up the best solution for you.

How To Track Vouchers Status?

After getting the voucher you will receive the special code to use at any merchants site or casinos that accept PasteandPay. However, it is usually can be redeemed at any place only within 14 days. So, if you are not going to pay with it or don’t know that you will surely use it during 2 weeks, there is no sense to apply for it.

At the same time, there is special tab at your private cabinet at the – “my vouchers”. Follow this link to see which vouchers you have now. Used ones are not shown there.