Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola doesn’t see Joe Hart in his new team

As you know one of the first Josep Guardiola’s statements was about Joe Hart’s future in club. New City’s manager said he won’t be the first goalkeeper.

Why does Pep not like Joe Hart?

Guardiola is very extraordinary coach. He always has a dissenting opinion, his own view of the football world. And Pep shocked all England. Joe Hart is not needed for English top club. The goalkeeper is on the bench. Willy Caballero has never shown distinguished incredible class, but he is #1 at the moment. And the latest news – Manchester City signs contract with former Barcelona’s keeper Claudio Bravo. Joe Hart is simply not Pep’s player. And never was.


Spanish manager never played with «10 + 1» scheme in Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Guardiola always loved the keeper who can easily play with legs. In Barcelona – Valdes, in Bayern – Neuer. In some cases we can find the same (bad) qualities in Hart’s and Valdes’ plays. They both can do fantastic saves with incredible reaction, but make laughable mistakes. But in Barcelona Guardiola could forgive Valdes’ mistakes for his great playing with legs and ability to pass the ball well.

More arguments

In the last 6 years Barcelona keeper’s passes accuracy was 76%. Neuer’s passes accuracy was 89% (!) 3 years ago. Hart’s passes last season? Poor 52%. Just look at these stats in this year. Willy Caballero’s passing accuracy in game against Sunderland was 80%. And you still have questions?