Red Snake Roulette Bet

Another curious gambling tactic is the red snake bet roulette strategy.  It was created to be better than the stubborn probabilities theory.  Playing the european version of roulette, it is a wise idea to use various tips and this one can lead you to victory. Although roulette is almost impossible to calculate so you can only really rely on your intuition within the constraints of your bankroll.  Here we review this particular strategy, including the results we gained when putting it to the test.

Enchanting Eyes Of The Red Snake

To test red snake roulette betting system you need to use only red numbers creating a “snake” on the playing table as you see on our screen-shot:

Red Snake Roulette Strategy Playing Table

There are 12 numbers (1Red, 5Red, 9Red, 12Red, 14Red, 16Red, 19Red, 23Red, 27Red, 30Red, 32Red and 34Red) used in this type of bet. Actually, it looks more like the letter “M”, depending on which corner of the table you look at it. We recommend you place equal stakes and start with low ones – 1 or 2 euros. All of these bets will be on straight numbers which payout 35:1.  So, if any number wins, you will be awarded with 36 or 37 chips – 35 won chips and the one or two you used to place the bet. Unfortunately, not all providers have a special button to make this bet with one click, but it is not too complicated to place it manually and then after each round you just have to press on the Repeat button to use the previous bet again.

Following the Red Snake Roulette Bet


his species of snake is not poisonous and can be quite lucrative. We placed our 1 euro bets as shown on the picture and described above (12 numbers so €12 per round) and pressed the Spin button. Below you can see the results:

1st round – 34 Red – payout of 36 euros

2nd round – 26 Black – lost

3rd round – 33 Black – lost

4th round – 13 Black – lost

5th round – 32 Red – payout of 36 euros

6th round – 30 Red – payout of 36 euros

7th round – 33 Black – lost

8th round – 34 Red – payout of 36 euros

9th round – 14 Red – payout of 36 euros

10th round – 2 Black – lost 

So you see that we were pretty lucky, however, there were a few losses as well. Let´s see how much we won or lost.  Our starting balance was 24 euros, so the sum is:


We had €24 at the beginning and we finished with €84, so we won €60!

This was just one test, which could be considered as proof that this tactic can guarantee you lucrative and victorious payouts, or maybe luck was on our side that day.

Try using this strategy yourself and compare your results.  If you feel that this strategy works for you, then play for real money and see just how much you will be rewarded.  Good luck!!