Rostov FC will play in the group stage of Champions League

August 24, 2016 can historical for the Russian team. They were able to outscore legendary Ajax 4-1. No one could predict this final result, Ajax was bookmakers’ favor for that game.

To be honest Rostov was playing brilliantly like it was last game in their football career. Their moves, runs, passes, tackles and shots were from heart. Rostov fully deserved to get their noses in Champions League group stage. As you remember in the first game Ajax was attacking all 90 minutes, but didn’t win. This time was the other scenario for the match. Russians were flying on the field, they were quicker, their decisions were more crucial than never.

Ajax was shocked

How many games do you remember when Ajax didn’t have opportunities to score? Rostov’s defense was playing with great piece of confidence. Russian team’s defenders didn’t let Dutch player breathe easily during all the game.

Fairy tale continues

Will be very interesting to see Rostov playing in the group stage of Champions League. They are Russian Leicester City.