Sic Bo Casino Game: Grasp the Atmosphere

Online Sic Bo For Money

Nowadays, online casino lobbies present dozens of games types to keep satisfied players of different tastes and preferences. If you have already gained much experience at popular slot machines or time-honoured table classics we advise to pay your attention to Sic Bo casino game - interesting and involving game of chance played with 3 dices. Even though you have no gambling practice at all it will perfectly suit you because being quite lively and eventful it doesn`t require any special knowledge while the rules and gameplay are simple.

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  • Gameplay Order And Bets

    Initially players make the bet placing some chips on certain areas of the table. Dealer takes the chest with 3 dices within, shakes it and reveals formed combination. Gamers aim is to predict what pattern will land and particularly on this basis he selects tables sector for betting.

    Before to play Sic Bo online for money the first you should do is to study carefully table layout. It is marked in various fields on which the wagers are placed. To lead well-thought-out gaming strategy it`s necessary to get acquainted with each stakes type:

    1. Big/ Small are the most popular kinds of stakes. Small wins when 3 dices combo results 4 - 10 points while to win wagering Big means to get 11 - 18. When dices display 3 similar figures none is in benefit. The payout is 1:1.
    2. Single number bet implies landing of certain points amount on the largest possible number of cubes. You need to select 1 - 6 numeral and bet it on corresponding tables zone. When chosen numeral is landed once the payout equals 1:1, twice - 2:1, three times - 3:1.
    3. Two Numbers ( specific or combinations) - player can wager on 15 different patterns of 2 dices landing result. When both figures were predicted right the payoff is 5:1.
    4. Three Dice Total is bet when you are sure about total sum of 3 dices points from 4 to 17 ( 3 and 18 are not accepted). Payoff coefficient varies on selected sum and is paid from 6:1 for 10-11 points to 62:1 for 4 or 17.
    5. Double bet is made to wager for alike figures appeared on two dices and is paid 10:1. Triple is considered to be the most profitable because if you managed to guess the combination of 3 definite similar figures you`ll be rewarded with 180:1 prize.
    6. Any Triple includes any 3 similar points on cubes and grants the win of 30:1.

    Online Versions Pros

    So, as you`ve understood, the gameplay of Sic Bo game is really uncomplicated - you study tables layout, set wager, Dealer mixes the dices into special chest and you predict the result.

    Evidently, gambling Sic Bo at online casinos the process is automated and all you need is to press appropriate buttons.

    • Bets are made with chips of altering denominations.
    • Tables layout is similar to land based casino ones.
    • All data concerning bet limits, win, offer and credit amounts is visible - here is the first pro.
    • You are able to check gaming history and details and any time - the second pro.
    • Table limits are much lower than in land based gaming clubs - the third pro.
    • At least, you can test free demo version before start making cash wagers - and it is the fourth but very important pro.