Leander Slots - Profit & Innovation

New word in creating online slots is said by Leander Games casino software provider. Just try to imagine slots and Poker together. No, it is not video poker or any peculiar kind of Poker games. It is simply slot with spinning cards and possibility to collect winning Poker Hands, as well as with Texas Hold’Em feature.

Do you feel intrigued enough? It is only the beginning, because we have pretty much to say about its slots, company history and other achievements.

Leander Slot Games - Ingenious And Unique Approach

This soft company was established in 2008 in Buenos-Aires. Thus, being only 8 years at the gambling market they managed to occupy its significant place and create extraordinary slots played for real money and free. Moreover, only professionals work with them developing new slots – trained musicians, psychologists helping to understand human being’s nature, designers and other people making their slots unusual.

The company`s calling card that they successfully pass on to every Leander Games casino – game in game. Twsting the slot you can play Poker or Roulette in the same time. Right now they are working on slot and Bingo in one game. How it works? Try its Reely Poker and estimate impressive animation together with opportunity to play Poker, just activate any hand and collect winning combos on it beat another hands and collect high payouts.

The next amenity – great animation and extra-ordinary bonus games. Fight with real Dragons or Dig with gnomes – you will be surely amazed with graphics and its quality.

Moreover, they have both gambling options – download and Instant one, thus gaming via browser you surely estimate it from all devices.

Various Themes On Lucky Reels

Thus, if you would like to try spinning Leander Games slot machines reels you will surely enjoy its themes assemblage – fairy tales, fruits, card games, Roulette, magicians, historical plots and even celebrities!

Do you like country music? Spin Dolly slot reels right away to meet your favorite star Dolly Parton and sing those incredible songs together! By the way, extending wild is favorite programmers’ item. And with impeccable animation you will enjoy it too.

What about art? Do you enjoy Pablo Picasso masterpieces? And what if to try imagine Mona Lisa created by him? A lot of fun and creative ideas is represented by Pablo Picasslot – spin reels with funny painter and see famous art works from new point of view.

Try all Leander slots presented on this page for free to make your own conclusions about this provider, but we can state, that they are really cool company with amazing games selection.