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Queen of hazardous games – French Roulette enchants gamers with its outstanding simplicity and passion. Simple spinning wheel and ball can make you the happiest and richest person right after one single spin! Why not to try it? A lot of intriguing rumors and stories are known about this game. But one thing is real true – it will be always in gamers’ favor.

So, dear players, it’s high time to know about online French Roulette advantages and peculiarities, before we make a stake.

French Roulette - Helpful Advantages & Simple Rules

First, all players need to find out more about special terminology in French Casino Roulette. French wheel has 37 numbers on it – the equal quantity of red and black numbers plus green Zero. It doesn’t have additional zero, thus house edge is lower – 2,7%. Thus this game is so popular among all players – newbies and real masters. The chances will be the same for both categories.

Well, as at the ordinary European Roulette, the French one has the same inside and outside wagers. All you need, it’s just memorize all names in French, to feel confident betting on it. We will start from inside bets, and go to outside after it.

  • When you place wager on 1 number, it’s called En Plein and it will bring you the most lucrative payout – 35:1.
  • If you hesitate, well, it’s possible to stake for two numbers – Cheval and payouts will be lowers – 17:1.
  • Roulette is a chance game, so choosing 3 numbers, you will keep your back covered and get award, if stake Transversale wins - 11:1.
  • Betting for 4 numbers – Carre, has another payout – 8:1. And, taking 6 lucky numbers for bet – Sixainne – you will be awarded with 5:1, if stake wins.
  • Now, it’s outside bets turn. French Roulette table has not only numbers on it, but also sections with names. All these sections are meant for outside bet.
  • Two lozenges – one black and another red are stakes for Noir and Rouge respective. Payout is small – 1:1.
  • Impair and Pair are the same as Odd together with Even, so staking for this sections you will be awarded due to the proportion 1:1.
  • Manque 1-18 or placed below Passe 19-36 are analogues to Low bets and High ones. The payout is 1:1.
  • And, you can wager for Colonne and Douzaine and payouts will be 2:1.

Another significant feature of French Roulette online – it’s Voice Stakes and two rules En Prison in parallel with La Partage.

When you place wager on evens stake (Noir or Impair and so on) and green section – Zero appear on the screen, these additional rules will be helpful. La Partage returns you half of stakes for evens, and En Prison sends to ‘prison” your wagers till the end of the next spin, thus you still can win or lose.

French Roulette Online & Casino: Hot Offers

Land-based casinos have its own charm: crowded tables, hazard and passion, you push your chips, talk to dealer and set wager… But what if you cannot visit real casino now? Moreover, when you come there, you have only one option – play for real. But at on-line casino with its convenient fun mode after few test-spins you will know all rules and its peculiarities and how it works!

Try on-line French Roulette and you will taste all advantages – convenient menu, info about game, table with last numbers, chips with different nominal right in front of you. When you place chip on some sections, they are highlighted, thus you see on what you stake.

Isn’t it really helpful? Try spin its lucky wheel and you will learn fast and earn even faster!

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