Play American Roulette For Money

Online American Roulette For Real Money

1% of strategy and rules together with 99% of luck give us incredible thing – American Roulette For Money. This hazardous game is so highly popular among players because of its simplicity: it doesn’t matter are you green newbie, or you have some ideas about its rules and so on, or you are real master – all of them have the same chances before odds.

We think that everybody knows about roulette – wheel with black and red sectors and ball spinning in this wheel. However, what’s the dissimilarity between online American Roulette and its predecessor – Casino European Roulette? When French immigrants brought European Roulette to America, and taught everybody how to play it, casino owners decided that it was too loyal game to player. And they decided to change its rules and gameplay to increase house edge. That’s why they added Double Zero to the gameplay. On the wheel you will see one zero – 0 – at the green sector, and double zero – 00. Another difference between European and American variants – it’s numbers order. By adding extra zero they increased house edge up to 5,3%.

Casino American Roulette - How To Outgame The Odds?

Based on theory of chances Roulette, and, no doubts, online American Roulette, has become incredibly popular among players. Tables with this game at land-based casinos are always crowded, so not to stay in turn, it’s better to game it at on-line casino. Moreover, you will be provided with Fun mode, which is so convenient for beginners.

To be secure and confident gamer, you need to know about wagers. They are divided into two groups:

  • inside stakes
  • outside ones

American Roulette - Inside Stakes

Having an intention to stake for inside, it means that you will place wager on certain number or group of numbers. Such stakes have highly lucrative payouts, but possibility is small. Anyway, we need to know more about it.

  • Staking on one certain number you make Straight stake with the payout 35:1.
  • Placing bet for two near numbers – Split with the prize 17:1.
  • When you make wager on three numbers staying in row – Street with payout 11:1.
  • In order to catch 4 numbers to place bet on it, it’s Corner – 8:1.
  • And two wagers with the same payouts 5:1 – Basket wager together with Line Bet.

Outside stakes

And where to place outside stakes? We think, that you’ve noticed sections outside the field with numers, so all these sections are called – outside ones.

  • Maybe the most popular outside stake is Black or Red. It has 1:1 payout. Placing your chips on black you will catch all black numbers, the same with red.
  • Staking for Even or placing wager on Odd, you will be awarded with the same payouts – 1:1.
  • Staking for Low or High, you get 1:1 payout and it means that you choose first 18 numbers group, or 2nd 18 numbers group.
  • Also, you can place wagers for columns and dozens with payouts 2:1.
  • And, of course, stakes for Zero or Double Zero.

As you see, not much rules to memorize, so you can start betting right away with your special chips. Note that each player has different color chips.

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