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It has become a good tradition to include Blackjack live dealer games in sections of the most reputable and popular gambling sites. Being known for a long time as 21 live, it got its name after calling the hand with ace of spades and black-colored jack. By the way, that combo paid lucky players 10 to 1 for such rare assemblage.

Since those times rules changed, but one thing remained irreplaceable – this game is the most adventurous and lucrative for great army of casino table games fans, especially if they are going to play its streaming version. All rules and gameplay peculiarities are under discussion in this article. We will create the special guide that helps gamblers to launch their first live BJ round.

Exchange Your 21 Live For Real Money

True fans of this game know that its table involves seven seats for players. This primary rule was taken to Blackjack live casino sites too. Due to this reason, joining any table it may appear that all places are occupied and it is necessary to wait. However, it is really rare scenario, because online casinos try to predict this situation and create more rooms with real charming croupiers for enjoying the action. One to many rooms, when croupier can operate with uncountable amount of players, can be founded too.

Also, another infamous point about playing online live black jack – low house edge that is equal to 0.5%. If you have enough skills and sure in your rules knowledges, it becomes easy to beat the dealer. Just have impeccable instincts when stop or ask for another card and you will simply enlarge your primary stake.

However, if you are fresh one, it is a bit complicated to detect the trustworthy place for betting. And, after it comes the questions – how to bet and how to act?

That is why we have created the special guide looking like tutorial mixed with the most frequent questions players usually ask themselves before gaming.

Blackjack Live Stream Sites We Recommend

Even though, there is a real ocean of gambling sites, just some of them are tested by the time itself. Among such trustworthy places we can propose you Stargames, Bet365, IWcasino, MyBet and that involves the great selection of this game options like Live Blackjack, VIP, High and Low limits and just ordinary classical Blackjack presented in any casino.

Just pick up any suitable variant and open the game for real cash hunting. Yes, it can be started only gambling for real, because providers do not mean free modes for blackjack live real money rounds. But it is possible to search for diverse videos from live room and watch how other players are betting and acting due to the situation.

What Special Options Are Included In The Game?

Actually, the only one difference between ordinary Blackjack from Table games section and Blackjack from Live tab – it is real time gameplay with alive dealer, but not computer as it happens with the first variant.

That is why all primary buttons for acting are added to any live black jack online casino:

  • Hit
  • Stand
  • Surrender
  • Insurance
  • Split
  • Double

All those options implies the certain steps like Hit issues the new card for player, or Stand stops dealing process for a hand.

As about Split button it is activated only if “twins” are given to player - cards of the same denomination that could be either split or left without any changes.

Speaking about Surrender, it is not common option and it is included only to the Blackjack Surrender variants.

And the last one – Insurance, is bought separately if dealer has some chances to collect BJ and beat the player. In fact, it is a wager for croupier victory.

Are There Any Differences Between Online & Live Blackjack Hands?

It doesn’t take much time to remember all cards values at “21” game. All cards are divided into three groups - in these terms classic rules remain unchanged in live black jack casino online:

  • numbers – possess the same nominal as it is written on it
  • 10 valued cards – all picture cards and 10’s themselves
  • Aces – can be counted due to the situation as 1 point, or as 11 points

Now for collecting the most lucrative combo – BJ – you just need to have in hand Ace and any of the mentioned ten estimated cards. Gathering this unique cards player gets 3 to 2 payout, if wins.

If you manage to get more than 21 points, it will be called Bust in any provider game you play. In such a case wager is lost automatically.

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