Live Dealer French Roulette

live dealer french roulette

Streaming games are full of excitement due to its nature. But if you play live French Roulette it will bring you even more bright and cool emotions. Why so? Because roulette is game of mere luck and success, so catch it and make all wagers wisely. Virtual French Roulette is also presented on our site - to get more familiar with its rules and gameplay feel free to test it right now.

Live French Roulette

However, French variant differs from another ones due to its peculiar specific and rules that may be applied in some live versions – La Partage or “En Prison”. Moreover, names for stakes are written in French, so we will translate all of them into commonly known in English and explain all rules in details.

French Roulette Live Casino Game - Start Off The Battle

All live options are developed only for money mode. And due to this reason it is impossible to try its demo. However, there are numerous Roulette types in table games section, and actually, the main difference between live and online table and card games lies in croupier presence and real gambling house atmosphere.

That’s why you can open any table game and learn more about betting options, rules and how it works and after it start playing streaming ones. It is necessary to practice, because in live version time for wagering is limited and you need to make your decisions quickly.

Launching French Roulette with dealer you may see that game is in its progress. Just wait till the end and place bets using chips. After it everything is up to croupier. Also, history and chat options are added, so you may communicate with banker and study history in order to make a right choice about stakes.

How To Place Wagers On Live Table?

French roulette is the original variant of this running wheel game. That is why it will not be overcomplicated for players to place their wagers in this live game. However, there is the slight difference in table layout and language used for gaming. All bets options are written in French. That is why we are going to provide the explanation and translation for all of them.

The most common bets are color ones. In live Dealer French variant they sounds as Rouge and Noir. Some providers don’t write its names and instead of them just place red and black diamonds. The next famous even wager is odd/even that in French layout is named – Pair/Umpair. And the last one – High and Low are called Manque and Passe.

If you enjoy staking for Dozens, you need to know how they are marked on this table. Find small letters P 12, M 12, D 12 and place your chip on any due to the dozen that may appear. P 12 – Premiere Douzaine or first twelve numbers, M 12 - Moyenne Douzaine or middle twelve numbers, D 12 - Dernier Douzaine or last twelve numbers. And Bets for Columns are called Colonne.

As about inside stakes, in French Roulette live casino they don’t involve any signs and are created due to the common rules. It is possible to place chips on one number and till six numbers at once.

How To Use Special Track In This Game?

Some games involve special track for placing bets. In fact, it is additional area for making call stakes or announced ones as they are named too.

With this extra option it is possible to wager for

  • Voisin du Nombre
  • Voisin du Zero
  • Tiers du Cylindre
  • Orphelin Plein
  • Orphelin Cheval

Placing chips on any variants from above, you automatically make bets for certain combinations meant for it.

Are There Any Unique Gameplay Options?

In this Roulette it is possible to use two rules – La Partage and “En Prison”. “En Prison” can be used only for even wagers and if zero is the outcome in this round. If player wants to apply to this rule he has two options:

  • Take back half a wager and lose another one
  • Imprison his stake for the new round. If ball rests on the zero again, player loses his money. If no and ball falls on the wagered variant, money will be returned to gambler.

As about La Partage rule, it is about even stakes again. But in this case player just can return only half of the bet.

What Software Providers And Casinos Present French Roulette Live Games?

Aiming to test your luck with this the most unpredictable gaming option, try French Roulette live developed by Playtech, NetEnt software and Evolution Gaming. All of them created convenient tables for betting and wheel, so you will easily observe it spinning and ball running around it.

As about places where you can try it, we can offer you to discover live sections at the following sites:

  • Casino-X
  • Europa Casino
  • Titan Casino
  • Casino Tropez
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