By The Rivers Of Buffalo Slot Online

by the rivers of buffalo slot game

With a certain touch of Native American theme, By The Rivers Of Buffalo slot machine is a fascinating casino game obtaining 5 reels and 1024 ways to win, which allow players to get incredible wins while playing it.

The design is represented by a stunning blend of native culture with a certain touch of modern casino slots. Perfectly depicted images together with convenient menu and numerous opportunities to hit the jackpot make this video game a great product worth choosing.

Travel By The Rivers Of Buffalo - Slots Symbols & Bonus Features

Feel the spirit of freedom, travelling the landscapes of Wild West - the icons used in this game will make you totally absorbed with the playing process! You’ll meet its inhabitants - different beasts like coyotes, foxes, buffalos (for sure) and bisons. Each of them bring prizes of various amounts which depend both on your wager amount and symbol denomination.

The least value of prize, as usual, is guaranteed for images of cards, and the pictures of animals are the most highly-payed ones. Three icons stand apart regular symbols. They include: Wild symbol - a totemic bird. It can participate in any sequence formed by any symbols in order to make it complete, and, at the same time, doubling all points gained in this round. Buffalo’s picture is the most valuable icon of By The Rivers Of Buffalo slot game - it pays 50 coins in case of collecting 3 of them, 200 coins for 4 and 300 coins for 5 images. Finally, the Scatter activates free bonus rounds: 7 games for 3 of them, 14 games for 4 and 21 games for 5 symbols.

If today the luck’s on your side, then it is possible to hit 300 coins jackpot.

Climb The Mountain For Your Prize

By The Rivers Of Buffalo slot online is available in demo version and as a real money game. You may visit our section with real money casino reviews and choose any to play this game and thousands of others for cash.

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