Jacks or Better Poker

Jacks or Better Video Poker - Strategy

Jacks or Better Poker interface without excessive buttons and settings will be helpful at the gameplay, in addition, all you need just think which cards are necessary for you to create the best hand.

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  • Practical Jacks or Better settings in use

    Jacks or Better game does not make interface too heavy with buttons and options. Everything is right under the fingertips. Regulate your wager size using Bet Selector clicking on +/- buttons, the minimal stake is equal to 0.40 points and the ultimate one – 100.

    Completing wager’s setting process just press Deal to be given five various cards from one deck. After it button Draw becomes active, thus, you can get another cards to complete the hand, if you concluded to Hold any of them, or change it completely.

    Also it is possible to collect any hand at once after the single deal, in such case button Continue is activated and two options become available:

    • Gamble
    • ½ Gamble

    It is up to you whether to gamble this casino game for real money or not, but with ½ Gamble you have a kind of insurance. Guess the higher card and get additional payouts. If you are wrong – you will lose you payout. All Paytable info with payouts is shown right upper the gaming field. In addition, during the gameplay it shows the possibility in percentage of any hand appearing.

    To regulate settings and get expanded rules click on volume or screen buttons and Help button respectively.

    Collecting Jacks or Better

    Right after you placed the wager, it is Deal button time – clicking on it, you trigger the gameplay. Let’s push.

    We’ve got 5 cards – all Hearts: Ace, Queen, 10, 6, 4. In Poker such combo is called “Flush”. We press on Continue and make a decision whether to gamble or not. We decided to collect and Deal again.

    Note, that Jacks of Better Poker game has incredibly lucrative Jackpot – over 4000 points. You can reach it collecting Direct Royal Flush – any suits Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10.

    Another Jacks or Better video poker peculiarity – the computer automatically recommend you which card you can leave to create the winning hand with another deal. Such cards are taken to the red frame and it is written Hold under it. Anyway, decision is still up to you whether to Hold asserted cards or not. The probability percentage of any hand appearing is written above at the Paytable.

    Additional to the ordinary hands is Jacks or Better hand: two Aces, for example, or 2 Queens of any suit, 2 Jacks or 2 Kings.

    Have incredible gambling with Jacks or Better game and make a scoop!

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