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sic bo live casino game

It is always curious to start playing streaming games, not only because of unique impressions, but also because of high payouts. Especially, if we are speaking about live dealer Sic Bo – one of the most famous Eastern amusements.

Live Sic Bo

Even though it is not so widely spread in all online gambling houses, it is extremely wanted option when it comes to throwing dices ones. Just rely on your lucky star and launch the game to see how its three small cubes can bring enormous payouts to you.

Live Sic Bo Casino Game - Basic Rules & Strategy

Looking for indigenous casinos and its special atmosphere, visit Bet365, Casino Tropez, Europa Casino or Titanbet casino and try its exclusive offer – Sic Bo casino game. Travel to enchanting China right now for discovering its traditional and one of the oldest entertainments built on simple principle – throwing dices.

Launching live dealer Sic Bo in casino, player will see its classic variant – table with diverse sections for betting (from the first look its variety may overwhelm clients) and special dome under which three dices are jumping when the round is started.

However, before placing any chip on the certain area, it is necessary to figure out – how to make wagers? Actually, this dices game is truly unpredictable and it is not possible to find one correct answer. Nevertheless, on the table you have numerous options and can put chips on any combination. And we will describe each in peculiar details.

The first option for online live Sic Bo betting involves six variants representing each dice side, for example, betting for “Three” (icon with 3 points on the dice side) means predicting appearing on one of the three dices the outcome with three points.

The following staking variant includes 15 areas for 2 dices outcome. This area represents all possible combinations that may appear on 2 dices like two and three or five and six and so on.

After it comes the third option with 14 areas presenting the general sum for three dices – 14 or 7, etc.

Also, it has options similar to Red or Even in Roulette layout – Big and Small. This wager is for the outcome, but covers more variants in it. Small is bet for 4 – 10 points sum, whilst Big – for 11 – 17 points sum.

And the most luxurious and profitable are stakes for Double, Triple and Any Triple. To place bets on it is equal to wager for one certain number in Roulette – the possibility is low, but the payouts are truly impressive.

How High Are Payouts In This Streaming Game?

Live Sic Bo is really luxurious entertainment when it comes to its payouts. Actually, they vary due to the provider developed it. As about Sic Bo created by Novomatic (available only in table games variant), the awards are the following:

Single dice payouts are growing due to the appeared outcomes. For example, player staked for 6 points. If they appeared on one dice, the payout is counted 1 to 1, on two – 2 to 1 and on three dices – 15 to 1.

Staking for two matching dices (any from 15 areas) it is possible to get 1 to 6 payout.

The next option – three dices sum has various odds and as a result – different payouts, like 5 – 1 to 34, 11 – 1 to 6 and so on. All proportions are written under the sum on the table.

Small and Big options bring player 1 to 1 payouts, Double – 1 to 12, Triple – 1 to 207 and any Triple – 1 to 34.

What Is Should Be Taken Into Consideration Before Playing For The First Time?

It is not so complicated as it seems to start playing streaming games. In fact, there is only one complication with which all players face with – it can be launched only in real money mode.

That is why you need to contribute any sum to open Sic Bo with live dealers. Its interface is the same, only background looks as real casino one or specially created for this purposes room and table with dices may be enlarged for users convenience. Just have a good connection to Internet and desire to win!

Such option as live chat with croupier may be available too.

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