Live Unlimited Blackjack In Casinos

live dealer unlimited blackjack

In present time live gaming has become highly popular among casino players. However, there were a single problem – not all of them could occupy places around one table. But now, with Blackjack Unlimited Live game we can surely state that all wishing to enlarge their fortune with this game have a great opportunity now to do it.

Live Unlimited Blackjack

This amazing version enables all casino clients enter the room and take any place at the gaming area. Moreover, use up to five hands at once and enjoy limitless rule according to the stakes. What can be better? Well, discovering more about the game you will see that it has optional bets – Perfect Pair and 21+3 with pretty lucrative payouts if you get your pair and collect special combos.

Some Tips For New Players

The core point is that Live Unlimited Blackjack was created to cater uncountable amount of players around one table. Yes, now you don’t wait till the seat will be free and you will occupy it – just enter the room and join the game. If it is in process, it is still necessary to stand by until the end of dealing and announcing winners.

Thanks to modern technologies applied in nowadays multi-platform gambling sites you don’t need to present physically at the land based casinos to estimate its luxurious surrounding and atmosphere, as well as make unlimited wagers – all of these have become possible with streaming games, especially if “Unlimited” word is added to its title.

As about technical side of the question, don’t worry about how to play Unlimited Blackjack with live Dealer so much, simply enter the live area and take your place. If you have good connection to Internet, you will enjoy perfect streaming from various cameras broadcasting the gaming process.

In addition, programmers included chat option for enabling clients to interact with croupier and spend their time pleasantly there. All cards are enlarged, so you will distinguish them without putting a great deal of effort.

Unlimited Blackjack Live - Refreshing Knowledges About Classical Rules

Fortunately for new players this game features the same rules as ordinary virtual game – to achieve 21 points at once and collect your reward beating dealer. However, due to its specifics – uncountable amount of players – it differs from primary Blackjack rules about Splitting hands.

As you know, playing Blackjack you have such options as Hit (apply for new card or cards) and Stand (no more dealing). In addition, Double and Split functions are added to the gameplay too. And speaking about the last one, in this streaming version it is dissimilar to the classical rules. When two same cards are given to player system may automatically Split them due to the Optimal Strategy table. This table displays all possible cards combos for player and dealer and on its interaction for each variant is shown the way – Stand, Double, Hit or Split. In this case, you have a chance to make two independent hands, or fold and get back 80% of your wager. If two aces are separated into two hands just one card is added to each of them.

Cards ranking and rewards remain unchanged, so for assembling Blackjack combo receive Ace and any of 10s and don’t cross the 21 points line. If 22 or higher is collected, you will lose your wager.

And always keep in mind that time for acting is limited and if the decision isn’t made in time, cards will be automatically dealt to you during the gaming process.

Side Stakes In Use – Make The Dealing More Colorful

Some Unlimited Blackjack live games variants may include two extra wagers – Perfect Pair (PP) and 21+3 bet. How do they work? Let’s begin from the Perfect Pair bet. You can place your stake for Player’s or Dealer’s hand:

  • Red and black pair – two first cards are from various suits and colors, but one is black and another one is red like Jack of clubs and Jack of diamonds
  • Perfect pair – two first cards are same-suited like Queen of hearts and Queen of Hearts
  • Colored pair – the first two cards (either dealer’s or player’s ones) have the same color, but belong to different suits: 7 of hearts and 7 of diamonds, or King of clubs and King of spades.

21+3 is another optional wager that considers only first two cards too. For winning with this bet you need to collect with your two cards together with the first dealer’s one the following poker hands – suited three of a kind, straight flush, three of a kind, straight and flush.

Those two additional wagers may not be available in all games, because it depends on the provider developed them. But Playtech company added all of them to their Blackjack live Unlimited version.

Sites WIth Unlimited Winning Opportunities

If you like gambling without any limits, open live area at the sites listed below:

  • Casino Tropez
  • Europa casino

Moreover, all of them have convenient mobile versions supporting such popular platforms as Android and iOS. So, catch the chance to play from everywhere and from any device possessed by you.

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