CyberStud Poker Game

Online CyberStud Poker For Money

Cyber Stud Poker is one of the most widespread poker types featured in major part of online casinos. Players familiar with basic rules and hands rankings can easily cope with this variant too, however, if you don't belong to them we suggest to use presented article as brief guidance to exciting world of online poker.

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    CyberStud Poker: Few Easy Steps To Win

    New round is started when player makes Ante bet. Then Croupier shifts 52 card deck and deals 5 face down cards to player and 4 face down and 1 open card to himself. After this gamer has to evaluate his cards and take decision about future actions: either to play or fold. If finally he continues playing it`s necessary to place complementary stake equaling doubled amount of Ante while Fold means total Ante bet loss.

    So, if you refuse folding it's high time to compare your hand with Dealers one who has to qualify with hand not lower than Ace - King. And here we've reached one important stage: if Croupier's cards don't allow them to qualify, the Ante bet is yours and the back stake is stand off. However, if the opposite is true you lose both bets.

    For New CyberStud Poker Players Only

    Evidently, to estimate the cards in a proper way it`s necessary to get acquainted with hands rankings. As we've promised at the beginning, we present their general overview for novices:

    • High Card is the least beneficial hand consisted of 5 differently ranked cards ( the value is defined due to the highest rank)
    • One and Two Pairs include 2 and 4 cards of identical ranks respectively
    • The essence of three of a kind hand is understandable from its name as it presents 3 cards of alike ranks
    • Straight is pretty good combination featuring 5 cards in strict sequence
    • Flush hand can beat all previously described hands, so if you have 5 cards of the same suit feel confident about your game
    • Full House is three and two cards groups of identical rankings
    • It`s easy to guess that Four of a kind hand combines 4 cards of one rank
    • Well, Straight Flush is the second step of your winning ladder - receive 5 cards of 1 suit in sequence to reach it
    • And if you managed to collect Royal Flush - congratulations, you`ve climbed the very top! Make sure you've got 5 identically ranked cards of the same suit and start celebrating the victory!
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