Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

Deuces Wild Video Poker

Created on classic Poker basis Deuces Wild Poker by represents incredible gameplay together with special cards and combos! Deuces Wild speak for itself perfectly – special cards with 2 on it are aiming to complete winning combos and make the gameplay just exciting!

Deuces Wild - How to Play

The interface of Deuces Wild is full of simplicity and doesn’t require from you various settings. Just vary with bets selector amount of wager and trigger.

Button Deal triggers the gameplay and various cards appear on the gaming field. Cards from only one deck are used in Deuces Wild Video Poker. Thus, you will not get back cards, which you concluded to refuse. After dealing the rules are transparent – the system offer you to Hold peculiar cards. It can happen automatically, or you set it manually, as well as you can refuse cards chosen by the system and Hold another cards. After it, click on Draw button to get new cards one more time, those hold ones stay on its places.

If any hands completed – congratulations! Now Gamble game with two options: Gamble together with ½ Gamble is activated. Among two turned over cards try to guess the higher one and increase your winning two times! If you failed, you wouldn’t get any payouts for winning combo unfortunately. So, if you are searching a real money casino - try to find it at GamesMoney.

Paytable is shown above the gaming field, moreover, it includes special hints – percentage of creating winning hands. And, of course, awards due to the current wager.

Taming of the Wild Deuces

As far as it is based on traditional Poker rules, it has the classical hands together with additional ones:

  • 1st – Royal Flush – This is combo is the highest in Deuces Wild and consists of Ace to 10 cards with the same suite. It cannot be completed with Wild Deuces.
  • 2nd – Four Deuces – another combo consisting of Four Deuces cards
  • 3rd – Wild Royal Flush – it is standard Royal Flush combo, which can be completed with one or more deuces cards
  • 4th – Five of a Kind – this is a combo of the 4 cards with same nominal plus any wild card (one or more).

Another hands are typical, but there is nether two pair, nor one Pair or High card in Deuces Wild.

Thus having a general idea about additional hand and special Wild cards helping to complete the combo – just place your wager and start taming the Wild Deuces in demo-version to train enough to feel sure replenishing your account with cash.

Have Good Luck and enjoy this exceptional kind of Poker!

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