Joke Poker Video Poker

Joker Poker For Money

For players looking for a kind of insurance whilst creating winning hands in Poker – Joker Poker is just an amazing solution. Created by Microgaming it represents new possibilities gambling favorite game with impressive payouts and various options.

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  • Short Guide How to Start Joker Poker

    For testing you just need to click on few areas and exciting adventure will be triggered. All possible hands and its various payouts are displayed at the special table on the screen. Before gaming click on any of 5 columns to set appropriate wagers per round. It is possible to alter stakes each round. And you can hit the real Jackpot collecting Natural Royal Flush – 5000 coins.

    After it just press on Deal button for triggering gameplay.

    Click on Help button to view explained in details rules about the gaming process, its peculiarities and hands ranking.

    Button with Options regulates settings.

    Screens with Bet, Credit and Win display your wager amount, available money together with award respectively.

    Hold your intuition – catch the Joker!

    Joker Poker by Microgaming is fascinating game allowing you to think how to create winning combos, as well as rely completely on your super-power feeling – intuition.

    Thus, in this Poker variation 52 cards deck with extra super card – Joker – are involved to the gameplay. Joker has peculiar feature – filling up the winning hands. All possible Poker hands at this type of online poker for money are depicted at the Paytable. There is only one hand, which cannot be complemented with Joker – and it is Natural Royal Flush.

    The scheme for gameplay is transparent: Wager – Deal – Hold – Draw.

    After the first dealing player get five cards from which he needs to choose which to save and which to refuse. Besides, system can Hold some cards automatically offering you the best choice, on the other hand, it is still up to you which one to leave. The Held card is wrapped with Red strip with title Held.

    The next step is to press button Draw and get new decisive cards portion, which can create winning combos.

    In victory case, Double game can be started. The rule is ordinary – catch more powerful card than dealer has.

    So, we are going to try creating winning combos with Joker Poker. First step – selecting appropriate wager – the 5th column – and pressing Deal button. We have dealt Queen of Spades, 10 Diamonds, Joker, 2 Clubs and 8 Hearts. System automatically held Joker and 8. We decided to leave its choice and Draw cards one more time. Appeared Aces and we completed the lowest combo – Kings or Better. In such case, Joker acted as Ace.

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