Oasis Poker Game

Oasis Poker Rules & Casinos

If Poker is of one of your favourite casino games, you have probably tried its popular Caribbean Stud variant. Its gameplay is interesting and captivating, not less than its fraternal type of Oasis Poker.

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  • Do you hear about Oasis Poker for the first time and haven't tested yet? Well, guess you should obviously do this and it won`t take much time to understand how to play - the difference between Oasis and Caribbean Stud Poker is that the first variant implies opportunity to change cards before to fold or raise while Caribbean version doesn`t. If you see it is worth some hours of your free time, read the review and start playing.

    Oasis Poker - Another Variation Of Card Classics

    Exciting round of Oasis Poker is about to be started, place your Ante and optional side bets, Ladies and Gentlemen. Now I`ll give you 5 faced down cards (let me introduce myself, I`m Dealer) and take 5 ones for myself exposing one card to you sights. Examine your cards, but don`t share information with each other. If you see, that one of your five cards ruins all the hand you have a right to change it but it will cost you fee equal to Ante amount. However, all 5 cards can be switched as well, but in this case your payout will differ depending on number of altered cards and if you have decided to alter the entire hand be ready to raise.

    So, we've stopped on the stage when player decides whether to raise or fold. If he finally folds he loses both Ante and side wagers, if he raises he places the bet equal two amounts of Ante. Now very intriguing moment has come: I open my four cards and if my hand includes Ace, King or higher I qualify. Whilst if my hand is lower than Ace, King, 4, 3, 2 opponent grabs his Ante wager and raise push. If I qualify and my combination is stronger than yours unfortunately you lose both Ante and raise but if your hand is more beneficial you get the win paid due to Standard Raise Paytable.

    If we've finished with tie, both bets (Ante and raise) will push. Value of bonus bet is always calculated in accordance with players original hand value.

    Here is how Oasis Poker is played. Hope to meet you at the poker table, Ladies and Gentlemen.

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