Red Dog Card Game

Play Red Dog Poker

Modernized Poker game with original title – Red Dog created by NetEntertainment is three cards game, which can sound familiar to you as Between the Sheets. The rules are simple – just be lucky to get right card fitting between those two ones you have just gotten and be awarded with nice payouts. Anyway, we are going to study all those peculiarities more detailed now.

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  • Dealing with Red Dog Card Game– Instractions

    • Red Dog Poker interface is clear and convenient for gambling. Right in front of you – gaming table is placed together with special areas for staking and Paytable with variants of Spread and its Payouts.
    • All Chips are placed at the Chips selector from which you can pick it up for wagering. Mouse over the chip, click on it and after – set for Ante wager.
    • For triggering gameplay press on the button Deal.
    • In addition, you can regulate certain settings: sound effects, gameplay speed together with turning on/off Progressive bet mode.

    Red Dog: Guessing Between Two Cards

    Even though Red Dog card game does not look like traditional Poker and has only one hand, which is possible to collect here – Three of a Kind – the most lucrative offer with 11:1 payout, it is still rather curious game.

    After the Deal, player get two opened cards and one turned over. That turned over card is key point of the game called Spread. We will give our definition:

    Spread – it is a card between two opened cards, which must fit in range between them – be higher than 1st one, but lower, than the second one. For example, you have 8 Clubs and Ace of Diamonds. There are only 5 cards, which can be fitted in this range and create winning combo. For example 9 or Queen, 10 or King, or Jack. The suit does not matter here.

    One note should be added – all cards save its nominal like at Poker. Ace is the highest one and costs 14 points, it cannot act as low card at Red Dog Poker. Thus, King is equal to 13 points, Queen to 12 points and Jack – to 11 points.

    We are going to have more precise look at the gameplay and start with our bet for Ante – we place two euros and Press on the Deal button.

    We have 3 Clubs and 5 Hearts. Thus, we have only one option between those two cards – 4. The dealer places the chip with the Red Dog on it to the sector with number 1. If we win, we will get 5:1 payout.

    Now we can Raise or Call. Raise increases two times our wager for Ante automatically and shows the third card. Call just opens the card without enlarging wagers.

    We will raise. We have 4 Clubs! Congratulations with high payouts!

    Another peculiar situation to be described – two back-to-back cards in Red Dog Poker. For example, we have 9 Spades and 10 Spades. There is no cards between them, thus, such situation is called Push and you can collect your money back and start new round.

    Moreover, the last special situation – you have two identical cards – 4 Spades and 4 Diamonds, for instance. In such a case, the third card will be opened, because of the probability to create Three of a Kind.

    After each round you can Rebet or place New Bet clicking on proper buttons.

    Test Red Dog game online on your own and enjoy its curious gambling!

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