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Texas Holdem Card Game

When it comes to Poker, we must to start from its classic – Texas Hold’Em Card Game. This name is the talk of the town – gamblers with impressive experience and newbies know about it and enjoy the gameplay, as well as numerous soft-providers created its versions. And here, we would like to cater you with impeccable NetEnt masterpiece – Texas Hold’Em Poker with its convenient and user-friendly interface together with pleasant music background and various settings helping to improve the gameplay.

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  • Rules Of Texas Holdem - Don’t hold the settings!

    User-friendly interface is the NetEnt soft provider calling card. They know that nothing should distract from exciting gambling, thus, they placed everything right in front of you. The first thing, before starting the game, you need to choose betting stakes in the ranges:

    • 0.10 euros – 5 euros
    • 1 euro – 40 euros
    • 25 euros – 500 euros

    Due to the chosen Texas Holdem card game limits, you will get appropriate chips with certain nominal.

    Another point to be regulated – Texas Holdem settings. Traditionally, all necessary alterations are regulated with Spanner and Volume button. Change volume effects, as well as gameplay speed: deal cards, showdown and so on. Make it faster of slower – everything for your comfort.

    To place any chip to the stake in Texas Holdem Poker– click on appropriate chip and put it on Ante section. To change chip take the grey chip with red cross and it annuls wager.

    Whilst the gameplay the main buttons are:

    • Deal triggers the gameplay
    • Call places wager for Call Flop (2 times bigger than Ante stake) and continues the hand
    • Fold stops the round
    • Bet makes another wager for Bet Turn (the same stake as Ante) , and after it – you can place wager for Bet River (is equal to Ante).
    • Check opens new card without making stakes higher
    • Re-bet puts the same wager for new hand as at the previous hand beginning
    • New Bet places new wager for new hand.

    In order to see Paytable – mouse over the table with minimal and maximal wagers.

    How to Deal with Texas Holdem Poker Hands?

    Gambling Texas Holdem you don’t need to have Poker Face, but Poker hands will be a bit helpful, even though the system makes hints for you and counts everything.

    Thus, place your bet for Ante and after pressing Deal, you get two cards and Dealer gets the same amout, the difference is that you don’t see the dealers cards.

    When you get your two cards, for instance, 3 Diamonds and 5 Hearts, you have two options:

    • Call
    • Fold

    We press Call and three opened cards: Ace of Spades, 8 diamonds and 2 diamonds appeared. Now we have only High Card. Actually, it is not a combo, just one High card – Ace of Spades in our collection.

    Now we can:

    • Bet
    • Check

    We clicked on Check and 4 Clubs appeared. We created Straight – 5 Hearts, 4 Clubs, 3 Diamonds, 2 Diamonds, Ace of Spades. In 5-Straight Ace can act as the lowest card.

    We can Check or Bet again. Let’s Bet. Bet for River. Ace of Hearts appeared and we still have Straight and dealer has Pair. We won 8 euros (4 euros we placed for stake, thus, we increased our fortune two times!).

    Another hands, which are possible in Poker are described in details at our page with best Real Money Poker sites info!

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