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All American Poker Video Poker

All American Poker - a video poker game, test here the demo and choose a casino if needed. GamesMoney team add this demo version for all video poker fans. Enjoy it!

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    Real slot-machine design adds some charm to the gambling process. Mouse over buttons Bet One or Max Bet to set wager per game. At the left corner you see all hands and its value due to the chosen wager. There are 5 columns that regulate payouts: set any of them per round, all payouts for each hand are shown at appropriate column. Thus, if you set 1st column and collected Jacks of Better hand – 2 Queens for example, you will get 1 point award, if you assembled two pair – 2 Queens and 2 Tens cards with 5 column wager, you are awarded with 5 points and so on.

    After setting appropriate wager amount – push Deal button and 5 cards will be shown to you. Mouse over card to Hold it or press on appropriate Hold button under each card. Held cards will stay on its places and new cards appear at the second round. If any Hand is created, you will be proposed to Double up the income with traditional game against the dealer – Pick up higher cards than he has and enlarge your award two times. Or just Cancel offer and collect your prize.

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    All American Poker - How to Play

    This kind of Poker is really curious one, not only because of various payouts and design – you need your skills to win gambling it. To Hold cards – estimate each card given to you after first deal and think, which combo has higher possibility to appear the next time. Of course, it is hard to predict, but analyze and only analyze. In addition, note, that there are neither One Pair, Nor High Card combo at this type of Poker. Instead of those low combos it has Jack or Better hand – two Jacks and higher.

    Thus, let’s start our gambling.

    • First step – wager. We have chosen the 5th column.
    • Second step – Deal button: King of Hearts, 7 Spades, 8 Hearts, 9 Clubs, 6 Diamonds.
    • Third Step – Analyze. We can try to collect Straight. So, we hold cards from 9 to 7. When card is Held, it is took in orange frame and it is written under it Card Held.
    • Fourth step – again Deal and let’s hope we will be lucky. Not our day – 9 of Spades.

    Let’s try one more time. The scheme is the same Wager-Deal-Hold-Deal.

    We’ve got at once 4 Diamonds, 5 Diamonds, 2 Hearts, 3 Hearts, Ace Diamonds. We can hold all these cards, because such combo is known in Poker as “wheel”. Also, it can be called – Baby Straight. We won 40 points and can gamble for doubling up or collect money.

    All American Poker Video Slot is transparent for understanding and includes traditional hands with only one addition – Jacks or Better hand, thus it will be cool idea for newbies to test this game, as well as other gamblers will like its design and payouts!

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